Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can't Dutch This

Life's a little funny and sometimes it sends curves your way, but in the case of a crazy little puppy that entered our lives in February... it's been anything but boring.

Here's how it unfolded....

1. We went to the Dog Pound and found this perfect, cute, ball fetching, bundle of love.
2. We came home and he slept.
3. He awoke and was sick.
4. He got better and the energy level increased.
5. Energy level continued to increase to a level that was off the charts.
6. We then doubted that we made the right choice.
7. We were sure we made the wrong choice... because this puppy now couldn't be trusted with anything, anywhere, anytime. Period.

When we first brought him outside to play, he claimed this rotten tree trunk to place all his stolen items. So if you were missing a broom, bra, shoe, sock, sofa cushion or cell phone. You usually would find it in Dutch's little nest.

The Thief of Thiefs.... even our kick ball games were interrupted by this mutt.

And just trying to be near him for a photo, turned into a all out wrestling match.

And somebody usually got hurt... but not Dutch.

Poor Snoop received enough beatings from this canine and one day he had enough.... and I'm glad to report that Snoops Alpha Dog now.

And the cats were about ready to leave and find new homes, with all the chasing they received by Dutch.

Here he is sleeping.... do I need to explain anymore?

So during the time span that Dutch has been with us... we were also going through a Deployment (Dad overseas in Iraq) and in some strange way Dutch made it go better... yes, it seemed like time flew by and the distraction of this autistic, brilliant, stupid dog, somehow made the phases of being separated by Daddy go better and we started to relate the phases of Dutch's progress to phases of the Deployment.

Make sure you scratch your dog for me today,
Java Girl

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