Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hunting Leprechauns

Our house has never been normal.... it's a lot of hard work and time away from Daddy. We're very use to not celebrating birthdays and holidays on the same day as everyone else and so the story goes.

But in the rare moments that we are together with family we have a time honored tradition that started with my Father-in-Law long ago.

It's a Leprechauns Hunt.

Days and days of preparation are involved when the hunt gets scheduled and this years hunt is involving outsiders.... which is new because if everyone knew about the Leprechauns in our forest, they would be bothering us too much and then the Leprechauns would get mad and become vengeful.

Leprechauns are not very nice.... and especially when we bring a bunch of little kids running and tracking through the forest for their pot of gold.

So as my Brother-in-law and hubby get ready for the big day... we wait anxiously, because no two hunts are ever the same. These buggers are tricky and hard to catch... So I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Java Girl

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