Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family and Fun

My Hubby's brother and family came to visit.... and if I can say so, we had so much fun!

Aren't they cute... we like to tease them because when they were little they both played birdie and made little nests. By knowing this important information... I've come to the conclusion that this means they were completely meant for each other. Because I don't know of any other human beings that did the same thing when they were little.

Celeste and Daughter #1.... Celeste is wanting some of her tea.

Little Zorro just found a mouse in the fence line and flipped it through the air and everyone is looking at it. It also looks like Zorro is going back to see if he can get another mouse.

The mouse is scared and then bit Lizzy and William. They then let it go.

Kiele and I look on watching all the excitement unfold.

Dutch is in trouble again, so he doesn't get to be part of the fun.

And while family was visiting, we added one more member to our animal family. Prissy... she's an eight year old miniature horse. Not a pony. She was busy giving rides to the little kids.

Oh the craziness around here... stay tuned for results from the Leprechaun hunt.

Java Girl

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