Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family and Fun

My Hubby's brother and family came to visit.... and if I can say so, we had so much fun!

Aren't they cute... we like to tease them because when they were little they both played birdie and made little nests. By knowing this important information... I've come to the conclusion that this means they were completely meant for each other. Because I don't know of any other human beings that did the same thing when they were little.

Celeste and Daughter #1.... Celeste is wanting some of her tea.

Little Zorro just found a mouse in the fence line and flipped it through the air and everyone is looking at it. It also looks like Zorro is going back to see if he can get another mouse.

The mouse is scared and then bit Lizzy and William. They then let it go.

Kiele and I look on watching all the excitement unfold.

Dutch is in trouble again, so he doesn't get to be part of the fun.

And while family was visiting, we added one more member to our animal family. Prissy... she's an eight year old miniature horse. Not a pony. She was busy giving rides to the little kids.

Oh the craziness around here... stay tuned for results from the Leprechaun hunt.

Java Girl

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kiele's First Trail Ride

If you've been following my blog for at least 6 months.... you have certainly heard about the three wild mustangs that we adopted. Then how they went to my Amish friend for breaking. I ended up selling one of the mustangs to my Amish friend Levi and I received Kiele back at the end of August. I've been working with him in the round pen and getting more comfortable being ridden. And I finally saw him turn a corner about 3 1/2 weeks ago. He just became calmer and seemed to trust me whenever I asked him to do something.

Well with all that said... I decided it was time for his first trail ride. Here we are after the ride, standing next to the Duck River that runs through our area. It was the most amazing time and he couldn't had done better.

I'm certainly no expert with horses, but I do think I have a little horse sense. So with living in horse country and having all these wonderful trails to travel on.... I feel I have arrived at a point in my life where I've never been in my whole life... Contentment, that's the only way to describe it.

Java Girl

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hunting Leprechauns

Our house has never been normal.... it's a lot of hard work and time away from Daddy. We're very use to not celebrating birthdays and holidays on the same day as everyone else and so the story goes.

But in the rare moments that we are together with family we have a time honored tradition that started with my Father-in-Law long ago.

It's a Leprechauns Hunt.

Days and days of preparation are involved when the hunt gets scheduled and this years hunt is involving outsiders.... which is new because if everyone knew about the Leprechauns in our forest, they would be bothering us too much and then the Leprechauns would get mad and become vengeful.

Leprechauns are not very nice.... and especially when we bring a bunch of little kids running and tracking through the forest for their pot of gold.

So as my Brother-in-law and hubby get ready for the big day... we wait anxiously, because no two hunts are ever the same. These buggers are tricky and hard to catch... So I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Java Girl

More Favorite Pictures

Our sweet Lucky...

Fall time in Tennessee....

Fun with friends...

Daughter #1 out for her daily ride and Kiele....

My friends youngest... out of nine kiddos!


And Dutch in one of his favorite sleeping positions!

Until Later,
Java Girl

PS- My next blog will be about a big secret that we have! Stay tuned

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can't Dutch This

Life's a little funny and sometimes it sends curves your way, but in the case of a crazy little puppy that entered our lives in February... it's been anything but boring.

Here's how it unfolded....

1. We went to the Dog Pound and found this perfect, cute, ball fetching, bundle of love.
2. We came home and he slept.
3. He awoke and was sick.
4. He got better and the energy level increased.
5. Energy level continued to increase to a level that was off the charts.
6. We then doubted that we made the right choice.
7. We were sure we made the wrong choice... because this puppy now couldn't be trusted with anything, anywhere, anytime. Period.

When we first brought him outside to play, he claimed this rotten tree trunk to place all his stolen items. So if you were missing a broom, bra, shoe, sock, sofa cushion or cell phone. You usually would find it in Dutch's little nest.

The Thief of Thiefs.... even our kick ball games were interrupted by this mutt.

And just trying to be near him for a photo, turned into a all out wrestling match.

And somebody usually got hurt... but not Dutch.

Poor Snoop received enough beatings from this canine and one day he had enough.... and I'm glad to report that Snoops Alpha Dog now.

And the cats were about ready to leave and find new homes, with all the chasing they received by Dutch.

Here he is sleeping.... do I need to explain anymore?

So during the time span that Dutch has been with us... we were also going through a Deployment (Dad overseas in Iraq) and in some strange way Dutch made it go better... yes, it seemed like time flew by and the distraction of this autistic, brilliant, stupid dog, somehow made the phases of being separated by Daddy go better and we started to relate the phases of Dutch's progress to phases of the Deployment.

Make sure you scratch your dog for me today,
Java Girl