Monday, September 13, 2010

My Life Among The Amish

While I still have Daughter #2 horse Sham at Levi's to be broke... we still make our usual weekly trips to Levi's farm to work with Sham. Sham's been a bigger challenge to break because he's more wild than the other horses.

But something bad happened on last Monday. Levi was breaking a Mule and it kicked him and he broke a rib and fractured another rib.

So as you can imagine... Levi can't ride Sham but his crazy brother Joseph came over from his farm and rode Sham for Levi. As my daughter and Levi watched this Amish kamikaze ride her horse Mac 10 down the road... she noticed that Levi became upset with his brother. You see there's a history there... Levi is the youngest of five boys and his brother who riding Sham is the oldest. And usually older brothers are bossy, which Joseph is... but as Levi says, Joseph is different. I asked how different? Levi said, "Well one day while I was shoeing a man's horse, he started talking about a Amish man named Joseph who he was sure smoked marijuana." Levi said he was so embarrassed when he realized that the man he was talking about was Joseph his brother.

And to set the story straight... Joseph doesn't smoke marijuana, but he sort of acts like he does... if you get our meaning.

Oh did we have a laugh over that one.... I long big laugh.

So as Joseph turned to come up Levi's driveway, still going Mac 10....suddenly a stump appeared and Levi not wanting Joseph to jump it because he wanted the horse calm for when Daughter #2 rode him. But to no avail, Levi and Daughter #2 watched as Joseph did jump the stump and then let out this crazy Amish laugh that could not accurately be described unless you were standing there yourself to hear it.

Levi, now obviously upset at his brother, then told him to go and calm down the horse before my precious daughter jumped on. He did and so that ends the story.

But I have found that we have different idea's about the Amish than what's really true. They are just like the rest of us, except they don't usually advertise it. They feud, they fight, they make fun of people and they have somethings that are missing from our lives as Englishers. There's a contentment there that I think we all long for and want to obtain, but we have too much stuff in the way to really want to find it.

And so ends the day with the Amish,
Java Girl

ps.- It was so funny because Levi's wife Katie started calling the Mule an Ass after he kicked Levi.

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