Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Week Of Lies and Memories

There has never been a week in my life that I've told so many lies.... lies, lies, lies. But I had a good reason. Daughter #1 had her 21st Birthday and we planned a surprise party for her that included about 27 people.

But the day started out slow and we gathered around in the living room to watch her open birthday presents. It's real funny in our house, but our pets usually gather around to watch the presents get opened.

Zorro, anxious to get the presents opened....

Snoop leaning up against the couch watching Daughter #1 open her gifts.... he strangely does this every time.

Daughter #2 and Lucky.... watching intently.

Daughter #2 telling what's in the gift before it's opened. She got spanked for this right after this photo...

Dutch was invited to the gathering as long as he behaved himself. And we found out this he's a canine paper shredder.

Nope, I don't believe we need to spend money and electricity anymore to get rid of those important documents.

Later on we went to the Homestead Manor Plantation for tea....

The atmosphere was amazing..

And so at this point Daughter #1 thought that her Birthday was over... but it was just getting started.

To be continued...

Java Girl

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