Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Week Of Lies and Memories - Part 2

So after the Tea Room we headed home. And most of the time we have quiet birthdays which just include us. But I wanted a little more for Daughter #1 this year. So as we settled down for an evening movies, we heard that someone was in our driveway. Daughter #1 looked and looked and said, who are those people and why are they here. I finally knew I had to tell the truth.... so I said, "Maybe someone is having a surprised birthday party!"

And she looked at me and yelled, "NOOOOOOOO!" I was a little startled by this response so I hurried and told her to go get ready. Realizing later that she was worried about how she looked.

We had a absolute fantastic time.

Even Snoop got loved on a little too much! Check out his eyes.

This family had just arrived home that afternoon after being away for a month and they still came to the party.

Daughter #2 never knows a stranger. Here she is with her swimming buddy. Daddy always says not to swim without your swimming buddy.

Here's swimming buddy's sister in the middle with the apron.... and every person needs one of these sweet little girls in their life. She came into the house and walked right over and asked me what she could do. I put an apron on her and she went to work... serving punch, handing out plates of cake, taking pictures.... you name it.

She even told me once that she was glad she had a friend who could drive... meaning Daughter #2. And she's only seven... but has a mind of a thirty year old.

And later on Daughter #1 said that she had the best surprised birthday ever!!!!

Your go girl... watch out world.

Java Mama

PS. I lied about...
1. going to the store two times in a row.
2. why I had to make two huge sheet cakes.
3. why Daughter #2 and I were whispering.
4. why I was able to make Chicken Marsala in 15 mins. flat. Just before the company came.
5. why all the lawn work had to be done in one day.
6. why we're going to have a low key birthday this year.

And the list goes on and on.

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