Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monkey Butt

I know the title of this blog really took you off guard today.


That's what I'm here for... to enlighten you and let you know what's going on in the world.

So when I found this product at the Co-op the other day, I knew I needed to tell you about it.

I at first thought it was a joke and then after getting a great laugh... I then drove home quickly to investigate on Google... because everything you need to know is at Google.

And come to find out, this product is serious stuff and the reviews were all five stars.

I also found out that they make it for ladies.

And I imagine in this 100 degree weather we're having it has come in handy for quite a few people... like farmers, air conditioning repairmen, ditch diggers and such.

And the only conclusion I can come too is that they got the name because monkey don't have to wear clothing over their bottoms so you too can feel as free and fresh as a monkey's butt.

Oh dear, I don't think this blog benefited from all the coffee I drank this morning.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl


  1. I wish you could hear me giggling!!! Next time I see you... remind me to tell you why!!!

    (P.S. dwohare is Rhonda at church) another story

  2. Now you've got me all curious!!! Do I really have to wait until Sunday!!