Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Everyone needs a Johnny in their life and my husband found his in Alaska one cold night in a Chapel on base. Johnny was there with his brother playing his trumpet.

But that's not all.

This Johnny has special skills.... skills that even I haven't ever encountered in my military wife career. Do you want to know what it is?

Well, okay! But first you need to know that our family is the worst at moving to new Commands and letting others know where we are or what our phone number is. Yes, it is terrible. But we're just really bad at putting that at the top of our priority list when moving.

But with Johnny... that's never a problem. He's seems to be able to find us wherever we go.

So this is how it goes... we move to our new house and set up a phone line and the next thing you know, we're getting a message on the phone recorder saying, "Hel------lo, this is Johnny Holi---daaayyyy." And to be honest the first time I heard it, it scared me.

And so we've watched his life go from a single guy who loves the Lord and has a heart for helping gangs.... too a military husband with four children and a sweet little wife.

This is Johnny's wife....isn't she cute!

And along with all this personality is the love for music that he's passed down to his boys.

And their gorgeous little girl.

These pictures are from the first time that hubby ever visited with him in his home... but all the phone calls over the years have built this special friendship.

And also during this visit one of the boys accidently shot a bird and the story is way too funny for me to repeat correctly, but it involved one crying boy, two military Dad's saying, "If you kill it, you have to eat it." and one proud Mom at how good a shot her little boy was.

And after all the excitement.... Johnny's kids collapse on one of the many dog beds they provide at their home.

And over the many years we've been in the military.... we've also encountered some of the most amazing people that have become our military family. If anything can be said about them... is that they know how to serve... whether it be dinner, time, advise or country.

God Bless Them All,
Java Girl

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