Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home Girl

First off, I apologize profusely for not blogging like I should.... and second, I have a great excuse.

My excuse is Home Girl aka my Sister-in-Law. She came down with her kiddo's and we had a riot. At least I did, I don't know about her.

What Home Girl means to me...

1. We're very compatible ex. I cook and she cleans up.
2. We have the same sense of humor when it comes to animals.
3. We're married to brothers.
4. They're both in the military.
5. She is the best decorator I know... because she redecorated my house while she was here.
6. We didn't spend over $300.00.
7. She brought fresh produce and she taught me how to make the most amazing pasta sauce. Amen.
8. We watched a movie almost every night.
9. We went antiquing.
10. We ate well.
11. She's funny.
12. She's thoughtful.
13. We ate well.
14. Our kids love to be together even though there's a huge age difference.
15. Her Kiddo's forgot their skooters... so I'm now having fun riding them around the farm.
16. She's realistic.
17. I love her to death!
18. She invests in my children and makes them feel special.
And when my nephew was bad... we'd put him in a box and walk away. Just kidding... he's perfect.

These two were inseparable and there were tears after they parted.

We visited James Polk the eleventh president's home.

What can I say... but that the time went by too quick and the memory's now run deep. And I now relish the time with family, being that we've always lived too far from them and now can enjoy the quick 10 hour drive.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Week Of Lies and Memories - Part 2

So after the Tea Room we headed home. And most of the time we have quiet birthdays which just include us. But I wanted a little more for Daughter #1 this year. So as we settled down for an evening movies, we heard that someone was in our driveway. Daughter #1 looked and looked and said, who are those people and why are they here. I finally knew I had to tell the truth.... so I said, "Maybe someone is having a surprised birthday party!"

And she looked at me and yelled, "NOOOOOOOO!" I was a little startled by this response so I hurried and told her to go get ready. Realizing later that she was worried about how she looked.

We had a absolute fantastic time.

Even Snoop got loved on a little too much! Check out his eyes.

This family had just arrived home that afternoon after being away for a month and they still came to the party.

Daughter #2 never knows a stranger. Here she is with her swimming buddy. Daddy always says not to swim without your swimming buddy.

Here's swimming buddy's sister in the middle with the apron.... and every person needs one of these sweet little girls in their life. She came into the house and walked right over and asked me what she could do. I put an apron on her and she went to work... serving punch, handing out plates of cake, taking pictures.... you name it.

She even told me once that she was glad she had a friend who could drive... meaning Daughter #2. And she's only seven... but has a mind of a thirty year old.

And later on Daughter #1 said that she had the best surprised birthday ever!!!!

Your go girl... watch out world.

Java Mama

PS. I lied about...
1. going to the store two times in a row.
2. why I had to make two huge sheet cakes.
3. why Daughter #2 and I were whispering.
4. why I was able to make Chicken Marsala in 15 mins. flat. Just before the company came.
5. why all the lawn work had to be done in one day.
6. why we're going to have a low key birthday this year.

And the list goes on and on.

A Week Of Lies and Memories

There has never been a week in my life that I've told so many lies.... lies, lies, lies. But I had a good reason. Daughter #1 had her 21st Birthday and we planned a surprise party for her that included about 27 people.

But the day started out slow and we gathered around in the living room to watch her open birthday presents. It's real funny in our house, but our pets usually gather around to watch the presents get opened.

Zorro, anxious to get the presents opened....

Snoop leaning up against the couch watching Daughter #1 open her gifts.... he strangely does this every time.

Daughter #2 and Lucky.... watching intently.

Daughter #2 telling what's in the gift before it's opened. She got spanked for this right after this photo...

Dutch was invited to the gathering as long as he behaved himself. And we found out this he's a canine paper shredder.

Nope, I don't believe we need to spend money and electricity anymore to get rid of those important documents.

Later on we went to the Homestead Manor Plantation for tea....

The atmosphere was amazing..

And so at this point Daughter #1 thought that her Birthday was over... but it was just getting started.

To be continued...

Java Girl

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Everyone needs a Johnny in their life and my husband found his in Alaska one cold night in a Chapel on base. Johnny was there with his brother playing his trumpet.

But that's not all.

This Johnny has special skills.... skills that even I haven't ever encountered in my military wife career. Do you want to know what it is?

Well, okay! But first you need to know that our family is the worst at moving to new Commands and letting others know where we are or what our phone number is. Yes, it is terrible. But we're just really bad at putting that at the top of our priority list when moving.

But with Johnny... that's never a problem. He's seems to be able to find us wherever we go.

So this is how it goes... we move to our new house and set up a phone line and the next thing you know, we're getting a message on the phone recorder saying, "Hel------lo, this is Johnny Holi---daaayyyy." And to be honest the first time I heard it, it scared me.

And so we've watched his life go from a single guy who loves the Lord and has a heart for helping gangs.... too a military husband with four children and a sweet little wife.

This is Johnny's wife....isn't she cute!

And along with all this personality is the love for music that he's passed down to his boys.

And their gorgeous little girl.

These pictures are from the first time that hubby ever visited with him in his home... but all the phone calls over the years have built this special friendship.

And also during this visit one of the boys accidently shot a bird and the story is way too funny for me to repeat correctly, but it involved one crying boy, two military Dad's saying, "If you kill it, you have to eat it." and one proud Mom at how good a shot her little boy was.

And after all the excitement.... Johnny's kids collapse on one of the many dog beds they provide at their home.

And over the many years we've been in the military.... we've also encountered some of the most amazing people that have become our military family. If anything can be said about them... is that they know how to serve... whether it be dinner, time, advise or country.

God Bless Them All,
Java Girl

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ride Of My Life!

Friday was my very first day to finally ride my mustang Kiele. He's now been with my Amish friend Levi and it's now been 6 weeks. Levi is amazing and the gentle but firm way he breaks these horses is incredible.

Here I am below getting on Kiele.... and if you remember.. I had foot surgery in April and my foot is still healing. So I tried to get on him from this tree stump.

But it didn't work, I couldn't bounce off my bad foot.

So then I asked Levi if I could get on from the porch.... he looked at me for a second and then said, "Well let's try it and see then."

It worked! And Kiele didn't flinch a bit.

And I'll be completely honest that I was so scared of getting on Kiele because I remember the day he arrived at our farm all wild and charging me, but I also wanted to ride him more than anything. And so I confessed to Levi how I felt... and in his Levi sort of way he said, "We'll see what happens." Which again didn't help me one bit because I wanted him to tell me it was going to be alright and nothing bad would happen.

And what was the first thing Kiele did... he took me over to the stump where Levi has trained him to pose.

After a moment I said, "Back, Kiele." and he in his gentlemanly way, slowly backed up.

And it's hard to imagine that his first two years were in the wilds of Nevada and in six short weeks I'm able to ride him... and he has this beautiful way of carrying himself with the arched neck and high front legs which surprisingly came out during training.

I'm so happy here that I don't believe I could explain it.

And then Daughter #1 wanted to give it a try and he took great care of my girl.

What can I say, I feel so blessed but at times I'm scared of what the Lord asks me to do. Like when I got these horses. And now the blessings and learning have been one of the most incredible experiences I've ever witnessed.

And one other thing... I'm blessed with an adventurous Amish man for taking on this crazy old Java Girl and running along side of me and teaching me what it is to not only own a horse, but how to own a wild horse and enjoy and respect them for how God created them.

Praise the Lord,
Java Girl

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monkey Butt

I know the title of this blog really took you off guard today.


That's what I'm here for... to enlighten you and let you know what's going on in the world.

So when I found this product at the Co-op the other day, I knew I needed to tell you about it.

I at first thought it was a joke and then after getting a great laugh... I then drove home quickly to investigate on Google... because everything you need to know is at Google.

And come to find out, this product is serious stuff and the reviews were all five stars.

I also found out that they make it for ladies.

And I imagine in this 100 degree weather we're having it has come in handy for quite a few people... like farmers, air conditioning repairmen, ditch diggers and such.

And the only conclusion I can come too is that they got the name because monkey don't have to wear clothing over their bottoms so you too can feel as free and fresh as a monkey's butt.

Oh dear, I don't think this blog benefited from all the coffee I drank this morning.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl