Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Dutch Problems And How We Solve Them... Amen

You've seen this mug shot before.... and you know our sufferings. But if you're reading this blog for the first time today, I'll give you a refresher. This six month old terror has let not one day rest in peace since we brought him home on that cold day in February. He's stolen plungers, bra's, books, underwear and anything else that he can put his ever chewing mouth on. And Daughter #2 has never been in the best shape, because of the endless walks that he's given to try to drain his energy level.

So one day while I was talking to Hubby about our dilemma, he said simply, "Put him on the treadmill... that will tire him out." So Daughter #2 ran out the next morning to see if Dutch would comply... and as you can see, he was as happy as a clam.

I even think I see a smile on his face in this photograph...

But don't think he wants to stay on it day and night... he's only up to 7 minutes on it and he usually tries to exit every once and awhile. But you won't find me critiquing my dog because I spend 0 time on the treadmill and the only time I step on it, is to reach something or make a short cut to the other side of the carport.

But in Dutch world... he's now able to play catch and not go crazy and run away with the ball and bust through porch screens in a single bound. He's more normal.... if there is a normal state for this canine.

Make sure to scratch your dog for me today,
Java Girl

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