Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, Celeste!

In case you don't remember or you need a refresher... we adopted three Wild Mustangs from Nevada last April. The first few months involved what is called Gentling which means feeding sweet feed by hand and just teaching them that they can trust you. Simple, right? Well, yes and no.

Celeste is our Palomino filly and she has been the smartest and most willing to become our friend. When the other two geldings.... Kiele and Sham still ate out of our hands and followed us around like puppy dogs, they made it pretty clear they didn't want to get all mushy, like Celeste did. They even would try to get Celeste to go with them instead of hanging out with us.

She refused and I like that about her, she's independent and found us more interesting than the two stinky geldings in her pasture.

So while Kiele and Sham are at Boot Camp with my friend Levi.... Celeste is now alone in the pasture. And I noticed that she is embracing others around her like deer, neighbors and repairmen.

And she has done exceptional by herself and also made a new friend who stops by the pasture to visit with Celeste over the fence. There are actually three deer living in my wood line and I've named them Doe, Ray and Mee.

This is Doe.

I think.
So the other day while I was out with her in the pasture, she was distracted by a neighbor who was jogging down the road. She ran over to the fence and whinned at him. I thought to myself... "Oh my, why is she doing that?" And as the jogger came running back, she kept close watch on him and then whinned in a lower tone repeatively. I immediately thought, "Is she flirting with that jogger?"

Can horses be flirts?

So I've pondered this thought and have noticed that when certain men come by my house to do repairs or visit, that she will run around the pasture and whinny at them.

What does all this mean....

I sure hope Levi has a cure for this because she's going to visit him next Spring. Or maybe what will happen is that she'll fall in love with Levi and not want to come back home.

Oh the drama around here.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

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