Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nothing Short Of Amazing

I've been known to take chances and often times look back and wish I'd had thought things through more thoroughly. But in the case of adopting three wild mustangs from Nevada.... it's been nothing but absolute enjoyment and an incredible learning experience.

This is Sham and he's now been staying at my Amish friend's (Levi) farm and he's breaking him. It's now been 12 days and he has a halter on him, he's more respectful, now likes to show off by perching on stumps. And he's not kicking as much, which was he downfall, because he kicked me in the thumb one day and I got so mad that I made an immediate phone call to get rid of him... but Levi assured me not to take it too personal and to let him work with him.

Here Sham is showing off for me and trying to persuade me that he's worthy to keep...

And today was the first day that Sham had a saddle on his back. First Levi desensitized him with the saddle, then placed it on him... Sham tucked his butt under and then immediately turned into a bucking bronco for about 20 seconds. Then Levi ran him hard around the round pen.

This is Kiele standing on the stump for the first time... the thing I like about Levi is that he not afraid to show me something new that he's never tried with the horse before.

This is the third time Kiele has had a saddle on and Levi even rode him just before this photo. You can tell he's a little tense in the buttock area because of the saddle. And I'm sure if he could talk to me, he would say.... "Mom, this feels funny."

So maybe it's the Homeschool Mom in me that is willing to try something new... or maybe it's just my spontaneous nature. But I love the process of taking something and watch the improvement process unfold. Be it horses or even my own children.

And then I get to become friends with someone like Levi who is so sure of himself and his abilities. I can't help but picture his parents in my mind and wonder how they raised him to be such a loving confident young man.

Until Monday,
Java Girl

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