Monday, July 19, 2010

Graduation From Homeschooling

I received this amazing box in the mail today from my friend Colette. She sent it as a celebration regarding the end of my Homeschooling career. I wanted to share this unique gift of 9 different presents that I had the privilege to unwrap... again, Colette is one of the most creative people I know and she made this gift up herself.

So here it goes... the letter said.. "Congratulations on the completion of your Homeschool journey." (open present #1) Which was this smiley face pad of paper.

"You did some fine teaching and your girls did some fine learning! " (open present #2) And no the kitten didn't come with the package, she just nosy and needed to sneak up under the glass dinning table to pose for us.

"The Patience of an angel is often required in a homeschooling house." (open present #3) ps. yes, I see how dirty my glass table is and I'll clean it here shortly.

"Often alone while America is being saved by our spouse." (open present #4) Amen to that one sista!

"We tend to look back and wonder...Did we do all we could?" (open present #5) Great little book I just started it and couldn't put it down.

"If we have God fearing children then we certainly did all we should!" (open present #6) This is a cute box of note paper with a picture of all our kids together on the front!

"So sip a cup of tea and ponder the years of time well spent." (open present #7) I did!

"The smell of success is a delightful scent!" (open present #8) Cucumber and Melon... my favorite!

"The Lord has watched you're loving path and has been very observant - And I have no doubt in my mind His thoughts are: "Well done, good and faithful servant:" (open present #9) A wind chime.

Thank you so much Colette for thinking of me! It was the best present!

Now what do I do with my life?
Java Girl

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  1. congratulations java girl on a very important and finally complete career.....i am sure you will find something to do but until then take a deep breath and a wonderful sigh of are now about to enter stage 2 of our wonderful life with our son is 29 and has his own very productive business and still calls for some homeschooling motherly advice ..... p.s. praying for the safe return of your husband !!enjoy the evening and GOD BE WITH YOU !!