Monday, July 19, 2010

Ever Lovin Cheesecake

Since moving to Tennessee... I'm not real sure the neighbors know what to think of us. We're three women alone and we have to make things happen. Dad's gone and we're use to that. But now with a farm and me still recovering from foot surgery... there's a lot more to do, so we divvy up jobs.

Daughter #1 does laundry and dishes and some food prep. While Daughter #2 does most of the outdoor work. And I'm somewhere in between. Now if you know my girls you'll know that the oldest is on time, orderly and has a memory like a steel trap. While on the other hand we have Daughter #2 who endlessly forgets what she's doing, can fix anything and has the most fun of any of us gals.

I know what you're thinking... what does all this have to do with Cheesecake. Well I'm coming to that... Just be patient.

I'll tell you a little secret... in order to get Daughter #2 to focus and get all her work done... I've found a little technic that works. It's FOOD! Yes, ever lovin food. And so the other day she comes to me and says... "I like to have some Cheesecake with Blackberry sauce." I then said, "I'll make it for you, if you do this, and this and this. She said, "Great, I'll get started right now!"

And this was the result.

Now don't be look'in at my dirty stove or the fact that the camera strap is in the picture! But feast your eyes on this ever lovin Cheesecake and then imagine this sauce laying over the Cheesecake and then imagine all the chores are done.

And that's how we roll in this house.

Until Next Time,
Java Girl

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