Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Be Still My Heart

It's Peach picking time here in Tennessee and I found a cute little orchard to pick at yesterday, even thought it was 93 degrees and the humidity was 63%... I still chose to go out and pick peaches by myself because my incrediably sane daughters chose not too and they kept warning me that the heat was too much.

I ignored them.

Like I sometimes do, because I'm 45 and they're still little pups in my book.

But, they do know their Mama and I'm a bit spontaneous, which is good and bad.

So any who! Here's one of the beauties I obtained while on my solo trip to the orchard.

And as I was picking I became a little woosy, which in our family means light headed and as I looked around the orchard I realized I was up in elevation.... That's the reason I feel this way, I thought to myself. Then I remembered the number one rule about drinking water in my family.... my husband has said it from the beginning of time.. Hydrate or Die. Oh you think I'm kidding, but he has stickers that say Hydrate or Die and he sometimes sticks them on water bottles just for the fun of it. He's a little crazy that way.

So the four cups of coffee and no water was causing this. I then grabbed my water bottle and chugged it down. While doing this... I had visions of me laying in the peach orchard of heat stroke and my daughters calling to try to find me and then the workmen finding my body under the peach tree where I was picking.

But that didn't happen, thank goodness.

So after my arrival home I made Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce from one of my favorite bloggers and cooks.... Pioneer Woman.

And I ate at least half the pan because it was so good.

And I didn't feel bad at all.

Java Girl

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