Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, Celeste!

In case you don't remember or you need a refresher... we adopted three Wild Mustangs from Nevada last April. The first few months involved what is called Gentling which means feeding sweet feed by hand and just teaching them that they can trust you. Simple, right? Well, yes and no.

Celeste is our Palomino filly and she has been the smartest and most willing to become our friend. When the other two geldings.... Kiele and Sham still ate out of our hands and followed us around like puppy dogs, they made it pretty clear they didn't want to get all mushy, like Celeste did. They even would try to get Celeste to go with them instead of hanging out with us.

She refused and I like that about her, she's independent and found us more interesting than the two stinky geldings in her pasture.

So while Kiele and Sham are at Boot Camp with my friend Levi.... Celeste is now alone in the pasture. And I noticed that she is embracing others around her like deer, neighbors and repairmen.

And she has done exceptional by herself and also made a new friend who stops by the pasture to visit with Celeste over the fence. There are actually three deer living in my wood line and I've named them Doe, Ray and Mee.

This is Doe.

I think.
So the other day while I was out with her in the pasture, she was distracted by a neighbor who was jogging down the road. She ran over to the fence and whinned at him. I thought to myself... "Oh my, why is she doing that?" And as the jogger came running back, she kept close watch on him and then whinned in a lower tone repeatively. I immediately thought, "Is she flirting with that jogger?"

Can horses be flirts?

So I've pondered this thought and have noticed that when certain men come by my house to do repairs or visit, that she will run around the pasture and whinny at them.

What does all this mean....

I sure hope Levi has a cure for this because she's going to visit him next Spring. Or maybe what will happen is that she'll fall in love with Levi and not want to come back home.

Oh the drama around here.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Unsolved Mystery

If you don't recognize this mug's Daughter #2...

And from the day she entered this world.... I've had a hard time understanding her, she's artistic, musical, hilarious, level headed, forgetful and cheap. She's usually is the only one not to get you a present for your birthday and then will lavish you one day when you're out shopping.

And as the years have went by her Dad and I have watched her blossom into this incredible person. Who is a teacher by nature and any kid from 4 to 14 falls in love with her.

She loves to be moving instead of sitting.

One of the things I love about her is that she can always get the last word in with her Daddy... which is an absolute feat for Daughter #1 and I.

She's always had family and friends who love to be with her.

And trying to get her to focus on school over the years was a challenge to say the least, because she always had this amazing imagination and school seemed boring to her.

Here she is with Halle her cousin and boy can those two cause some trouble.

And she loves animals....

And she does do gang signs, but we've let that go... because she doesn't know what she's doing.

So the mystery for me is that I for the life of me can't understand why this summer she has a job tutoring two young boys in their reading and writing. She disliked school and the creativity she wanted to have... but she's amazing with these hilarious young boys who have a hard time focusing on reading and comprehension.

And so her focused sister and I sit and listen to her teaching methods which involved taking breaks that involve hand slapping games and stare down competitions with her pupils.

I then realize that maybe she's the best teacher for them seeing that she knows what it's like not wanting to learn, but having to learn and then on top of it... making it really fun.

So Proud,
Java Mama

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Be Still My Heart

It's Peach picking time here in Tennessee and I found a cute little orchard to pick at yesterday, even thought it was 93 degrees and the humidity was 63%... I still chose to go out and pick peaches by myself because my incrediably sane daughters chose not too and they kept warning me that the heat was too much.

I ignored them.

Like I sometimes do, because I'm 45 and they're still little pups in my book.

But, they do know their Mama and I'm a bit spontaneous, which is good and bad.

So any who! Here's one of the beauties I obtained while on my solo trip to the orchard.

And as I was picking I became a little woosy, which in our family means light headed and as I looked around the orchard I realized I was up in elevation.... That's the reason I feel this way, I thought to myself. Then I remembered the number one rule about drinking water in my family.... my husband has said it from the beginning of time.. Hydrate or Die. Oh you think I'm kidding, but he has stickers that say Hydrate or Die and he sometimes sticks them on water bottles just for the fun of it. He's a little crazy that way.

So the four cups of coffee and no water was causing this. I then grabbed my water bottle and chugged it down. While doing this... I had visions of me laying in the peach orchard of heat stroke and my daughters calling to try to find me and then the workmen finding my body under the peach tree where I was picking.

But that didn't happen, thank goodness.

So after my arrival home I made Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce from one of my favorite bloggers and cooks.... Pioneer Woman.

And I ate at least half the pan because it was so good.

And I didn't feel bad at all.

Java Girl

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Garden My Failure

Below are horrible pictures of my garden.... I have many excuses for it looking this way, but you probably don't want to hear them.

My Brother in law told me to just plow the thing under and to tell you the truth I would have to agree. I did get four cucumbers and I'm hopeful for my potatoes and tomatoes.

This is a scary pricker bush, yes bush.

I do believe I am very successful at growing weeds... yes, I'm choosing to look at the bright side.

And the black weed eating tarp didn't help anything... it actually caused a green house effect... that actually helped the weeds grow.

I do believe that some of the weeds will need to be cut down with a chain saw before we try to plow it this fall.

My friend Chris told my husband that some of the weeds looked scary.

But one bright glimmer of hope is this little pumpkin who I'm protecting in hopes of showing my sweet husband when he gets home.

And as far as taking advise from my family to stop trying to grow things... I will continue to ignore them and continue to believe that I can have a great garden.

Until Next Year's Growing Season,
Java Girl

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just For The Plumber

For those of you reading this entry into my blog today... it will be considerably boring being that it's regarding my plumbing issues. And as many of you know, I've had practically every faucet cause me some issue or another and so that's why I know a plumber named Jeff.

So Jeff these pictures are for you....

This is a Delta Monitor...

Hope these pictures help you out.

See ya next week,
Java Girl

Monday, July 19, 2010

Graduation From Homeschooling

I received this amazing box in the mail today from my friend Colette. She sent it as a celebration regarding the end of my Homeschooling career. I wanted to share this unique gift of 9 different presents that I had the privilege to unwrap... again, Colette is one of the most creative people I know and she made this gift up herself.

So here it goes... the letter said.. "Congratulations on the completion of your Homeschool journey." (open present #1) Which was this smiley face pad of paper.

"You did some fine teaching and your girls did some fine learning! " (open present #2) And no the kitten didn't come with the package, she just nosy and needed to sneak up under the glass dinning table to pose for us.

"The Patience of an angel is often required in a homeschooling house." (open present #3) ps. yes, I see how dirty my glass table is and I'll clean it here shortly.

"Often alone while America is being saved by our spouse." (open present #4) Amen to that one sista!

"We tend to look back and wonder...Did we do all we could?" (open present #5) Great little book I just started it and couldn't put it down.

"If we have God fearing children then we certainly did all we should!" (open present #6) This is a cute box of note paper with a picture of all our kids together on the front!

"So sip a cup of tea and ponder the years of time well spent." (open present #7) I did!

"The smell of success is a delightful scent!" (open present #8) Cucumber and Melon... my favorite!

"The Lord has watched you're loving path and has been very observant - And I have no doubt in my mind His thoughts are: "Well done, good and faithful servant:" (open present #9) A wind chime.

Thank you so much Colette for thinking of me! It was the best present!

Now what do I do with my life?
Java Girl

Ever Lovin Cheesecake

Since moving to Tennessee... I'm not real sure the neighbors know what to think of us. We're three women alone and we have to make things happen. Dad's gone and we're use to that. But now with a farm and me still recovering from foot surgery... there's a lot more to do, so we divvy up jobs.

Daughter #1 does laundry and dishes and some food prep. While Daughter #2 does most of the outdoor work. And I'm somewhere in between. Now if you know my girls you'll know that the oldest is on time, orderly and has a memory like a steel trap. While on the other hand we have Daughter #2 who endlessly forgets what she's doing, can fix anything and has the most fun of any of us gals.

I know what you're thinking... what does all this have to do with Cheesecake. Well I'm coming to that... Just be patient.

I'll tell you a little secret... in order to get Daughter #2 to focus and get all her work done... I've found a little technic that works. It's FOOD! Yes, ever lovin food. And so the other day she comes to me and says... "I like to have some Cheesecake with Blackberry sauce." I then said, "I'll make it for you, if you do this, and this and this. She said, "Great, I'll get started right now!"

And this was the result.

Now don't be look'in at my dirty stove or the fact that the camera strap is in the picture! But feast your eyes on this ever lovin Cheesecake and then imagine this sauce laying over the Cheesecake and then imagine all the chores are done.

And that's how we roll in this house.

Until Next Time,
Java Girl

Our Dutch Problems And How We Solve Them... Amen

You've seen this mug shot before.... and you know our sufferings. But if you're reading this blog for the first time today, I'll give you a refresher. This six month old terror has let not one day rest in peace since we brought him home on that cold day in February. He's stolen plungers, bra's, books, underwear and anything else that he can put his ever chewing mouth on. And Daughter #2 has never been in the best shape, because of the endless walks that he's given to try to drain his energy level.

So one day while I was talking to Hubby about our dilemma, he said simply, "Put him on the treadmill... that will tire him out." So Daughter #2 ran out the next morning to see if Dutch would comply... and as you can see, he was as happy as a clam.

I even think I see a smile on his face in this photograph...

But don't think he wants to stay on it day and night... he's only up to 7 minutes on it and he usually tries to exit every once and awhile. But you won't find me critiquing my dog because I spend 0 time on the treadmill and the only time I step on it, is to reach something or make a short cut to the other side of the carport.

But in Dutch world... he's now able to play catch and not go crazy and run away with the ball and bust through porch screens in a single bound. He's more normal.... if there is a normal state for this canine.

Make sure to scratch your dog for me today,
Java Girl

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nothing Short Of Amazing

I've been known to take chances and often times look back and wish I'd had thought things through more thoroughly. But in the case of adopting three wild mustangs from Nevada.... it's been nothing but absolute enjoyment and an incredible learning experience.

This is Sham and he's now been staying at my Amish friend's (Levi) farm and he's breaking him. It's now been 12 days and he has a halter on him, he's more respectful, now likes to show off by perching on stumps. And he's not kicking as much, which was he downfall, because he kicked me in the thumb one day and I got so mad that I made an immediate phone call to get rid of him... but Levi assured me not to take it too personal and to let him work with him.

Here Sham is showing off for me and trying to persuade me that he's worthy to keep...

And today was the first day that Sham had a saddle on his back. First Levi desensitized him with the saddle, then placed it on him... Sham tucked his butt under and then immediately turned into a bucking bronco for about 20 seconds. Then Levi ran him hard around the round pen.

This is Kiele standing on the stump for the first time... the thing I like about Levi is that he not afraid to show me something new that he's never tried with the horse before.

This is the third time Kiele has had a saddle on and Levi even rode him just before this photo. You can tell he's a little tense in the buttock area because of the saddle. And I'm sure if he could talk to me, he would say.... "Mom, this feels funny."

So maybe it's the Homeschool Mom in me that is willing to try something new... or maybe it's just my spontaneous nature. But I love the process of taking something and watch the improvement process unfold. Be it horses or even my own children.

And then I get to become friends with someone like Levi who is so sure of himself and his abilities. I can't help but picture his parents in my mind and wonder how they raised him to be such a loving confident young man.

Until Monday,
Java Girl