Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just A Little Concerned

This month ends my Homeschooling career... and along the way I've been asked, "Do your daughters socialize?" I often want to start laughing about this time... because as long as your children aren't locked up in the house and not allowed to go outside... they socialize. And more often than not, they socialize with any age level from 90 to 9.

Here's Daughter #2 with friends at a mall scavenger hunt. Do they look like they can't socialize?

Beautiful Home schooled girls....

Now if anyone one can explain this to me.... this strange world of taking your picture with your friends and making funny faces. It's a unusual world of craziness, but again they are socializing, so I've let my questions go unanswered.

If anyone can explain, I'll send you reward money....

But since we took our sweet girl from her friends in California and moved to Tennessee where there is an abundance of horses, I now am seeing pictures like this.

And I've become slightly worried.... but again she's still socializing so I will leave these moments frozen in my photos on my computer and hope that she never runs for Governor and this photo is used against her in some way.

Keeping it real,
Java Girl

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