Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My World Through Pictures

This is the newest addition to our family... Zorro is her name. She's the cutest, sweetest little creature I've ever met. We got her at Walmart for free... there were some kids giving them away.

This is the amazing world of Skype... we get to talk to our Daddy almost daily and we love it.

My Brother-in-Law and his family are visiting and here we are having our afternoon tea party after swimming.

Unloading our two geldings at my Amish friends place, he's going to break them for me. Thank goodness for my Brother-in-law who can back in anything with wheels. You can't see it here, but there were tree stumps everywhere!

Sham who is the smallest of the two geldings, here he'd just been worked for about an hour in the round pen. Levi who is breaking them, is simply amazing... he'd had Sham's respect and even seemed to be communicating clearly to him and Sham was responding back by nodding his head.

Here's Charlie... who carried over the panels for our horses. What a gentle giant.

We went black berry picking....
This is my new hired hand, yes he is a little small, but we start them out early here on the farm. Kidding aside, this is William my nephew, filling the water troth.

Daughter #2 pretending the nozzle is a microphone.

Always time for fun. Here William is getting Daughter #2 back from spraying him. Lizzy looks on.

I named these kiddo's the Three Muskateers. Where ever Daughter #2 goes they go and I don't want to see them part this week... it will be a sad day.

And that's what means the most to me.... family, lots of fun and enjoying hard work.

Until Later,
Java Girl

Monday, June 14, 2010

Executive Decision

I think you all knew it was coming....but the executive decision to make Dutch an outside dog was decided two days ago. You know our sufferings so I won't go into detail, but he just couldn't cut it as an inside dog. Oh, yes he was outside during the day but he would come in each evening and have movie night with us in the TV room and even for about two weeks he would sleep in there and ask to go out in the morning. This was all fine with us, until he decided that the couch was his. You see, if Dutch gets an inch, he takes ten miles. Oh and the night before our decision he some how turned the television on and was found sitting watching a DVD at 2 am. Daughter #2 found him and there was no way he could have used the remotes, which leaves only one other way.... pushing the power button on the side of the television.

So now I believe he is either the smartest dog in the world or the dumbest.... but now my flowerbeds live in peace, my lawn furniture isn't getting dragged around and my favorite bra isn't being stolen, because this is now Dutch's new state of being.... tied up outside with a freshly painted dog house.

And he seems to be completely okay with it. He gets his usual 3 to 4 walks a day and now is more content then we've ever seen him. I guess he needed more boundries.

So in the words of our filly Celeste who continually deciplines Dutch and puts him in his place when he is in her pasture...

Boy, it's about time you straighten up and fly right,
Java Girl

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just A Little Concerned

This month ends my Homeschooling career... and along the way I've been asked, "Do your daughters socialize?" I often want to start laughing about this time... because as long as your children aren't locked up in the house and not allowed to go outside... they socialize. And more often than not, they socialize with any age level from 90 to 9.

Here's Daughter #2 with friends at a mall scavenger hunt. Do they look like they can't socialize?

Beautiful Home schooled girls....

Now if anyone one can explain this to me.... this strange world of taking your picture with your friends and making funny faces. It's a unusual world of craziness, but again they are socializing, so I've let my questions go unanswered.

If anyone can explain, I'll send you reward money....

But since we took our sweet girl from her friends in California and moved to Tennessee where there is an abundance of horses, I now am seeing pictures like this.

And I've become slightly worried.... but again she's still socializing so I will leave these moments frozen in my photos on my computer and hope that she never runs for Governor and this photo is used against her in some way.

Keeping it real,
Java Girl

Excuse Me.... Can I Have Your Attention!

Yesterday was a busy day at our farm... I hired a wonderful young man to bale our hay. And as the day progressed we enjoyed watching the process from raking to baling. The horses about went crazy because they wanted the hay so bad.... and the torture of it being just on the other side of the fence was almost too much for them.

Here's Dan baling away, what a hard working young man.... I was so impressed with his work ethic. He didn't stop until it was time to load it in the barn..... and then he finally had some ice tea and cookies and sat on the porch to talk. Mean while the Sheriff (my new best friend) who is a very busy man, came by for a visit too.... and that's why I love it here, people love to stop by and sit a spell.

Then suddenly while we were eating dinner... Dan called me from my hay loft and said, "Do you mind if I kill this snake that's in your old hay!!" My answer was, "You absolutely, positively have my permission to kill any varmit that crosses your path!!"

Here's the remains.... he was huge and about 4 feet long!!!!!!!!

Yes, he received the death sentence of being beheaded and I just cringe when I think about all the little kids who have climbed around that hay in my barn loft. Thank you Jesus for keeping them safe.

When asked if she would remove the carcass..... I received this response. Doesn't she remember that I carried her for almost 10 months and then when she did arrive she was almost 11 pounds and was asking for solid food. And this is the gratitude I get.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

Monday, June 7, 2010

My World Through Pictures

My Girls......
My Oldest with her little friend Bella... they have this complete connection and it's amazing to see....
My new ride since my foot surgery.... I love it because the brake is on the left side and I have complete freedom on it.... if you want to know a secret, I could spend the rest of my life on a riding lawn mower... no cell phones or interuptions.

Another amazing photo by daughter #2... she has such an artistic side and I love her perspective....
Kiele showing off the fact that he let us put a halter on.... our Wild Mustangs aren't that wild anymore...

Iraqi woman and child.... such a different life they live...

The dearest friends I know....

Iraqi puppy.... can you please bring him home honey? We always have room for one more!

Our bird bath... photo by Daughter #2

Our friends who were stationed in Alaska.... we love visitors and so do the horses.

Lucky, who at this point has never done a days work and continues to consume cat food, love and affection. Oh, I take that back.... she did bring a dead mouse into my bed the other night. Lord help me.

Our faithful Snoop..

Daddy keeping Lucky warm this winter...

Cast number two out of three...

My funny girl...

The worst behaving puppy in the whole entire world. The End. And yes that is a glass coffee table which he seems to think is his bed.

My niece and nephew... I can't wait until they arrive this month!!!! You should have heard the laughing when they were taking these photos!

Our local clover population.... I never seen so many four leaf clovers in my life as I do here on our farm.....
Lucky's paws....
Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl