Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome To The Races

In a world that always has bad news and rarely if ever has good news.... there's a little piece of heaven that I get the privilege to be part of and that's my farm out in the country. If you were to drive by my place, you probably wouldn't even notice it, but tucked behind the gate and up the driveway... is my world. It's full of fun, adventure and never ending comedy.

Here below is one of the top comedians and that's Celeste, our palomino filly. And what makes her so funny is that she has this interesting relationship with our crazy puppy Dutch. The first day they met, she scared him so bad that he ran like a road runner back to the safety of the house. But amazingly she can control him now and I'm sad to say that we can't. Now again, she's a Wild Mustang which are known for their intelligence and gentle spirit.

And once again... here's the problem child destroying one of the many flowers that I adore.

So here's the story of Celeste and Dutch the other day when we were out feeding the horses. After the horses were let out, I noticed that Dutch was over at the far corner outside of the pasture. Celeste walked straight up to him and there was some sort of exchange going on.. then all a sudden they both took off like in a race down the fence line.... Dutch on the outside of the fence and Celeste on the inside. And then they did it again. It was hilarious to say the least.

Here's rest time for Dutch after the races.

Then the other day, Dutch decided to go into the stall with Celeste while she was eating her sweet feed. Celeste was not happy at all, so she grabbed Dutch by the scruff of his neck and just held him there... like she was disciplining him because he touched her sweet feed. Dutch had this look of terror on his face, like he was going to die any minute.

I'm glad somebody can get through to this little tyrant. If it takes a assertive horse, so be it.

Happy Trails,
Java Girl

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