Monday, May 10, 2010

Some Of My Favorite Photos

This is Peanut and she's my friend's youngest daughter... I simply love her when it comes to photographing her, she'll do whatever I say.

I said.. "Close your eyes and keep them closed Peanut." This was the result, Fantastic lighting and expression.

This is Lucky and she lives on fence posts, cars and anything else that lifts her up. She's the most unusual cat because she's more like a squirrel.... meaning she can climb trees like nobody's business. And she has this really cool hair that wisps out of her ears.

This is by courtesy of our woodpecker, we've never actually met him... but hear he's a perfectionist.

Picture just after all the flood waters hit Nashville.

Daughter #2 after she built her swing in the woods.... what I love the most about this gal is her sense of adventure. She has always known how to live out her childhood to the fullest... even at 18 years old. And the nice rope in the picture is courtesy of her Daddy. And I'm also sorry for the dog butt in the background.

Our fencing along our road... and when I look at this picture I think about the great friendship that came about from the Mennonite family who built it for us.

Our wise dog Snoop who was a rescue, but I really think he rescued us instead.

This is Katie Bug, she's Peanut's sister and I've never seen her take a bad photograph.

Hope you enjoy my world!
Java Girl

PS- Not all these pictures where taken by me... some where taken by Daughter #2.

PSS- Tune in tomorrow, when I'll be giving you a recipe for Chicken and Sausage Gumbo! Amen

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  1. beautifule pictures ...... just stopping by to say hello and find out how your foot is doing ..... and how is everthing after the flood in your state ?? i said a prayer for you a couple of times right after your surgery and i know we never have formally met but something about this blogging thing connects people and i also do know you are a sister in the LORD CHRIST ..... take care and be good ..... summer