Saturday, May 15, 2010

Some More Of My Favorite Photos

I'm just going to call this photo Miss Beautiful because that is just what she is and this photo shows her great easy style of enjoying laughter.

She came to me after I arrived at their house for Sunday dinner and she couldn't wait to tell me how her Grandpa had an accident in the garden, which involved low impact falling and him rolling a couple times. I will tease her Grandpa until my last breath. I promise. The End

Daughter #2 practicing to become the National Bloodhound Ambassador.

Only my Daughter #2 would take a million pictures of wood... I love how the camera brings out what I would never see with the naked eye..

Snoop Dog...

Poop dog... just kidding. Butt he can be a pain. Love this angle!!

Amanda took this picture while we were having Sunday dinner and if her brother ever wants to be a professional hand model.... he can use this picture for his portfolio. I love the peacefulness of the photo, which is what I feel when I'm in this sweet family's home.

And no, we weren't having martini's at Sunday dinner. Amen, over and out.

Feeling Quirky Tonight,
Java Girl

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