Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saying Good-Bye To Rascals

This is a hard blog for me to write because it involves our beautiful Rascals who was 11 yrs and 8 days old. He loved the hunting and exploring he was able to do here in Tennessee and for his sake we are happy his last days were spent doing what he loved. But just before he left us the Veterinarian said that he had arthritis and we could tell because he didn't like to be held (unless Daddy was holding him).

So about a month ago he was hanging out behind our house and he wasn't doing his usual hunting... Daughter #2 was building a swing in woods and she said he came up to her and just wanted to be petted and he was so lovey. Then he started for the woods and Andrea said the last thing she said to him was..."Be careful Rascals". We never saw him alive again.

After mourning him and hoping he would come back and running every scenario through our minds... I then prayed for a sign. I felt all along that he just went into the woods to die. Then one morning Dutch was playing with something in the front yard. Daughter #2 went out to see and it was remnants of our beloved Rascals. I've heard to watch out for what you pray for because it might come true. But believe it or not, there is comfort in knowing that he could be buried under a oak next to our house. There's closure now and with it comes the knowledgeable reminder that nothing is permanent, nothing.

So while Daughter #2 was digging a grave... our crazy Dutch came along side of her and started digging too. Dad said to spread coffee grounds over him and then place rocks so you know who doesn't dig him up. After all was said and done, Daughter #2 planted wild daisies and Dutch started to immediately eat them like he was some cow.

Life is funny, what you think will always be there... usually leaves first and visa versa. We understand that these are pets, but when you're in the military and have to move around frequently, your pets become a friend that gets to go with you and doesn't have to stay behind. They're a comfort when your in a new place and have no friends yet. And their love is unconditional which I wish more humans had.

So in closing I would like to make a challenge to you to live each day to the absolute fullest, tell those you love... how much you love them. And get any undone business, set right. My horses are like that, they've taught me to live in the moment and for this I'm very grateful.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

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