Thursday, May 6, 2010

My First Visitor

After my foot surgery I was bedridden and my mind had to comprehend how I was going to lay in bed for two months so that my foot heals correctly. I was troubled to say the least and then to top it off, I wondered about human interaction and whether I would have any sense by the time this all passed. As these rumblings jogged around in my head... I received my first visitor. Yes, it is Dutch our four month old puppy that is boarder line crazy, but we still love him. Well any who, he decided he wanted to jump up in my nice lawn chair to see what was going on through my bedroom window. As you can see... he has no respect for anything of mine that I try to keep nice, be it a garden, furniture or someone laying in bed. It all means to him... run as fast as you can to the target and then leap, tackle or lick the victim. And yes, you are a victim.

Here is when he first heard us talking and he decided to take a look....

Now remember he can be sweet for about .03 seconds, but after that anything can happen...

This is the state of mind he lives in about 99.9% of the time....

He tried to push on the screen to listen to our conversation, which actually involved when he is going to the Veterinarian to get fixed. Little eavesdropper.

I not sure what he's thinking here, but it looked like he was shocked.. maybe he's smarter than we think and does understand English. Too bad he doesn't get what the word come here means.

Remember this pic.... yes, this is again his attitude the majority of the time...

But look at our sweet boy... when I look at this picture, I completely forgive him for taking my favorite bra and chewing on it in the front yard.

Still waiting for human visitors,
Java Girl

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