Thursday, May 27, 2010

Military Kids

Just the other weekend our dear friends who were stationed in Alaska with us came to visit. Now for most people that's no big deal... but for Military Kiddo's it is a big deal. Because during the formative years they spent a lot of time together. What usually connected us was our faith and the fact that we love to play Combat Uno (a dangerous version of regular Uno) which usually involved slapping and some minor injuries... no really.

I think the first time my oldest met Noah it was instant friendship and to even confuse the mix... she's strong, quiet and endearing... and funny boy here use to be loud, say things that I could only interpret and usually entertain us for hours. To say the least they were/are complete opposites!! And to date, I think he's asked her to marry him several times... even though there's a eight year difference.

Now almost 6 years later they were able to get together and see each other for an afternoon. And meeting the newest addition was really nice.

So what did these kiddo's do for entertainment here on the farm.... well ride the lawn mower for sure. That's what we do here.... take kids for a ride on the lawn mower. I don't know how Daughter #2 does it, but she can make the simplest things fun. They also found the baby birds in our hay loft and fed our horses.

I'm thankful for the fact that when we would leave for a new station, that I refused to ever say good-bye.... because if anything can tear me apart, it's saying good-bye. And on the average we've been able to see so many families that we've had to say see you soon too. God is good and he's made a place in our hearts to except others, where if we would have lived by family our whole lives, we probably wouldn't take the opportunity to get to know them.

One little secret behind this sweet family is the fact that they gotten to know Stephan Curtis Chapman through adopting. Mr. Chapman and his family have a ministry called Shaohannah's Hope And I love the fact that as hard as military life can be at times, I've seen so many answer to the challenge of adopting while in the active military. And what better life could there be, see the world, experience different cultures and so much more.

Take time to make time,
Java Girl

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