Sunday, May 2, 2010

Letter From The Wetlands

In case any of you are weather buffs... you've probably seen the massive amounts of rain that are falling in my neck of the woods.

And even if you'd don't care one bit about the weather, below are some pictures for you to see anyways...

This is the rapids to the left side of my driveway...

This is the river to the right of my driveway and I'm so happy that my husband put large stones to protect the water from washing out the driveway.

Just a side note... our front yard doesn't have a stream at all, unless there is rainfall and even then we usually get a little stream.

This is our poor neighbors! This picture isn't the best quality but the stream is now a river thats roaring. The brown color is the water overflowing into our neighbors yard.

And thank goodness the county just reinforced the bridge while widening it, because I don't think it could have taken all the pressure from the flood.

As I finish this blog post another storm is coming through as I type. But I've never gotten alarmed by storms... actually our family loves them, especially my hubby. I have to tell you sometime how during hurricane Bonnie when we lived in Virginia how hubby tied all the Bradford Pear trees together to keep them from spliting and how he wandered out into the storm periodically, while neighbors would call from their front doors to get an update and offer him coffee and a weather update.

Maybe that makes him a storm watcher or even better a storm chaser.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

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  1. hello java girl...... are you doing alright ..... we were watching the t.v. news weather here in pennsylvania and saw the damage reports from your state ..... one report said 13 inches of rain !! is that true and if so is everthing ok ??