Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Combat Coupon Clipper

This is my oldest and since she was 3 years old she has always been interested in money... I knew we were in for a ride when at age 3 she asked for her allowance like this... "Can I have that in cash?" and as the years went by.... she became a expert at saving money and how to spend wisely. Now there's another side of her that you usually don't see in Savers like her and that is a side that thinks of other people and there's usually a little gift involved and a special note of some kind when it comes to birthdays or just because. My Aunt Joyce hit the nail on the head when one day she said to me over the phone, "She knows how to makes things special."

In fact this outfit below is from Goodwill... she finds all sort of treasures when she's in that store.

So on to coupons... about 6 years ago she really started to enjoy clipping coupons. But there's one hangup. Daughter #2 and I are absolutely, positively horrible at remembering to actually hand the coupons to the cashier when checking out.

So now over the years the process goes like this...

Daughter #1 looks at grocery list and attaches coupons as needed.

Daughter #2 and I take the list and coupons to the store.

Daughter #2 and I get everything we need from the list and at this point still have the coupon and item matched up so we get the savings.

Then we head to checkout where we've lost all knowledge of any coupons. Because we get distracted by the baggers earrings or the cashiers choice of hair color.

Back at home Daughter #1 knows that we've done this and so she takes the coupons that are all crumpled up in our purse or pockets and waits until she sees the item back on our grocery list, to once again try to get us to use it.

She sometimes repeats this cycle two or three times before she ends up throwing the coupon away because it's expired.

I'm thinking about trying to sign her up for Sainthood or something along that line, because what amazes me is that she never says anything to us, she just tries again next time. Maybe the word I'm looking for here is Patience. Because the crazy sporadic world that Daughter #2 and I live in, must drive Daughter #1 crazy to say the least.

And here below is my Combat Coupon Clipper with her Daddy who pinches pennies like it's no one business.

Keeping it in the family,
Java Girl

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