Monday, May 3, 2010

Changing Of My Cast and Other Psychological Problems

Today I had my cast removed after 10 days recuperation from surgery and I was all ready to get rid of the bulky, heavy and annoying piece of cotton, gauze and plaster!


Wrong.... I'm sad to say.

As I sat in the cast changing room I couldn't be happier to be getting a lighter case for my 7 weeks of cast wearing career. But as the dear Doctor started to explain what he did in the surgery...I started to sweat, but still thinking that I need to just breathe through it and not focus on what he's explaining about the surgery, I just keep breathing. But the breathing wasn't working and then my stomach makes an announcement that I can't ignore and I still try to fake it and not tell the doctor what's really going on. But when the room started spinning I knew I needed to say something and it came out like this.... "Doctor, I'm not feeling quite right." He then told me that I should lay down and breathe deeply. It worked of course, but I felt like I should have been able to control the crazy rumblings of my mind and focus on more important matters.You know... be in control, like all us military wives think we should do.

This reminded me of my Dad the day I broke my foot when I was 16 and we were in ER. When they got ready to set my foot, my Dad made the same announcement that I did today but my Dad added that he wasn't going to faint because he'd been through Cesarean Sections etc... and the Doctor said, "I don't care what you've been through because if you don't get you head down between your legs you are going to become my next patient!"

Isn't it funny that 28 years later there's still the chance of fainting going on with this crazy right foot that has given me so many problems all these years.

But I don't plan on getting sick next time... just wait and see!

In closing, I can't tell you how great my foot feels and it is so straight... I guess I just got use to looking at a crooked foot and ankle.

Don't take you limbs for granted,
Java Girl

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  1. Hi there, what type of surgery did you have? I recently had surgery as well and getting my post surgical splint taken off today and getting a cast. I am very nervous and I hope I don't faint either. Does it hurt when they put the cast on? When does the swelling and pain go away? How are you feeling? I hope you are getting better and feel free to email me or write back,David.