Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yes Those Are Three Wild Mustangs In My Pasture

After much research I decided that even though we live in the middle of Tennessee Walking Horse Country that our family just likes rescues.... as in rescued cats, kittens, dogs and anything else that someone else doesn't want. We're not into pedigree or being registered. But they have to be able to fit into our family.

Simple right?

Not really when it involves horses that are rescued from starvation in Nevada and are now being adopted out. But there's two catches, one is that these are some what wild Mustang horses and the other is that I was convinced by my research that theses horses are amazingly smart and you have to be willing to have the patience to teach them to trust you, then there is nothing you can't do with them.

So as my Daughters and I picked up the rented horse trailer to transport maybe two horses, we then head to our destination and let me tell you we prayed so hard that this was the right decision and asked God to stop us if it wasn't in His plan. And upon arrival, we decide on a 7 month old palomino filly who looks like you could put a unicorn horn head gear on her and she'd stop every car driving by our farm. Then there's our two year old gelding who is all black with white socks and has the most interesting tail which is black underneath and white on top (my daughter said it looks like a skunk tail). Then there's the second gelding who is all black and interestingly connected with Daughter #2 in a special way and he's definitely a winner already.

So while at the Adoption Center I'm told that our trailer won't work... we need a stock trailer that allows for free movement. I thought maybe this was the sign from God that He didn't want us to go through this... but when the owner said, "We'll deliver them tonight if you just pay for our gas." I thought, "Ok". And knowing that if these horses don't work out I can return them was all the more reason to give this expedition a try. Us Military Wives are sometimes like that...

So now as we drive home and ready for three horses... the doubts start rolling around in my mind.

"Oh Lord! I pray.....

to be continued later today with pictures.

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