Saturday, April 17, 2010

Telling Hubby About The Mustangs

As I promised... I then had to tell my Husband about what I did by adopting the Mustangs. Now my sweetie isn't like most men, yes he would never go out and do what I did... but he's always trusting God and if I do something crazy, he usually encourages me to be me.

So while he's overseas, we Skype (communication over the internet where you can see each other.) It's just like the Jetson's (cartoon). Anywho, I had just been on the phone with my friend and I had shared all my doubts with her... when the Skype phone rang, it was Hubby. I immediately ran to the computer and when I saw my husband face, I started to cry and tell him what I had done. He sat real quiet and had a half smile, then he said something that made me feel all better. He said, "Why are you doubting what God allowed to happen?" There you have it. And I thought how many times do we do that in our lives. Just because something doesn't turn out perfect right away, we then doubt that it's God's plan. Then Hubby said, "Isn't it exciting to try something so challenging and out of the ordinary and let's just see what happens.

Gotta love that Man!

Here's to all of you today, who have a dream or challenge. My hopes for you is that you could just step out of you're comfort zone and do it. Life's so short and there's so much to do!

Married to the Man of the Year,
Java Girl

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  1. i was not aware that your hubby is over seas ..... for some reason i thought he was here in the states ..... i lift him to the LORD ...... the horses are so nice to have .... my girlfriend has 2 ( not mustangs ) but they are really pretty ..... they are somewhat intimidating to me but i still love them ...... its been hard for me these past few weeks as i am going through some tough times emotionally ..... can i ask you to pray for me appear to be in a good place with the LORD so i feel led to ask ..... i will pray for your upcoming surgery ( i had my foot operated on 2 years ago for a bunion removal .... the best thing i ever did .... it is all better now for quite some time !! hope you had a good day and a good evening