Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Safe Day To Start Blogging Again....

Hi Everyone! Sorry it's been so long in talking to you, but I had a good reason.... PAIN MEDICATION. That's the reason it's been so quiet at Java Girls World. Oh I started a couple blogs, but then became disturbed at how dark and depressing they seemed and you know me... I like things light and entertaining. So I made the executive decision to hold off blogging until I had a clearer mind and didn't create blog titles like The View From Where I Sit and having dreams of a white and black puppy dog visiting me in the hospital.

So with foot surgery behind me and healing ahead of me, I now have a new appreciation for my two legs and feet. I had reconstructed surgery which was suppose to only take two hours, but instead it took six hours, where they had to break my foot in two places and do some ligament work and stretching my Achilles Tendon. And now I'm using a Walker and let me tell you... if you want a good work out, go out and buy a walker, because for the first two days my arms and abs were screaming. Also I will never underestimate the strength of a little old lady with a walker, believe me... she's not as frail as she looks.

Other observations now that I'm temporarily out of commission...

Bath time can be complicated and my girls are reminiscing about how it will be when I'm old.

There's already been a discussion on who will get what jobs, when taking care of me when I'm old.

Daughter #1 has the worst jobs.

Daughter #2 has the easiest.

I'm happy Daughter #1 has the worst jobs... she's more compassionate.

I'm sure Daughter #2 would forget to feed me.

So now I'm off to try to create a world full of excitement while being bedridden... and I'm thankful for Snoop our wise dog, he doesn't leave my bedside and he comes and lays his head on my chest every once in awhile to just check in.

Dreaming of my future six pack,
Java Girl

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  1. welcome back java girl ....... i am praying for your foot to heal ...... sooner than later ...... believe me i know the perils of being bed ridden all too well as i also had a foot surgery 2 years ago and was also on pain medication and walker time and my hubby had the distinct privelage of being on bathroom duty !! at any rate with a lot of prayer and support from my sisters,my church and yes the pain med i healed well enough to say that it was all worth it !! sleep well tonight and remember that you are being prayed for