Monday, April 19, 2010

A Mismash Of Farm News

Many of you have emailed me and asked a report on the Mustangs we have. Well you'll be happy to hear that Sham and Celeste are eating out of our hands and Kiele is eating out of the bucket while I hold it. This whole experience is more than I can put words too. But each day we move forward and today it was Kiele... he would never come near us unless he had one of the other horses blocking him, but today he came right up to me all by himself and we had a great day.

Also my foot surgery is scheduled this week, so I'm trying to get all my chores done before the big knifola. But with two months with a cast and a third with a walking cast, I plan on painting the fence... but we'll see how that goes.

Now on to important news... Daughter #2 had a dream about this beautiful swing in our woods, so the next day she had the drill out and found some of her Daddy's rope and made a swing. Me being the Safety Police that I am... warned her not to get hurt, even though she's 18 and can do pretty much anything she puts her mind too and even do stuff that Mom can't do. So any who, as I painted our fence I periodically would call to her to make sure her didn't hurt herself. And after a little while she came out with an ice pack on her neck and I was sure she was faking! That little rat! Then she went on to tell me that the swing hit her on the back of her neck/head. And so her fairy tale swing didn't quite turn out how she liked, but today she was working hard on it again... and this time there were no injuries.

Now I know you know this fellow.

Yes, we can tame wild horses here, but we can't tame this guy.

And today Dutch realized that if he went up to the ipod while it's sitting in the dock, that he can stop the music. He did it three times while we were outdoors and when he did it, he was so happy for himself. Oh and one more thing, that crazy wild puppy stole my best bra and was mauling it in the front yard and Daughter #2 had to rescue it.

It's hard to find the right bra and when you do you need to protect it with your life,
Java Girl

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