Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celeste Sham and Kiele

Here's Celeste the white palomino filly. Doesn't she look mythical and next to her is Kiele who thinks he's the boss, but I have news for him.

And yes, I know what your thinking.... they need to be brushed, but we can't get that close yet. But I know... it's driving us all crazy that we can't brush them.

I just know if we could brush them, that they'd love us forever.

Any who I really need to move on from the brushing thing... so stay tuned for tomorrows blog in which I will share a momentary breakdown... followed by telling my husband what I'd done on Skype (face to face communication over the internet) while he's overseas serving our country.

It gets better... really,
Java Girl

1 comment:

  1. they are both beautiful horses ..... i hope all is well with you and yours ...... i would bet that the weather where you are is warming up quicker than up here in pennsylvania however i still enjoy this time of year when all of GODS creation is reblooming !! have a great day and a nice weekend