Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Safe Day To Start Blogging Again....

Hi Everyone! Sorry it's been so long in talking to you, but I had a good reason.... PAIN MEDICATION. That's the reason it's been so quiet at Java Girls World. Oh I started a couple blogs, but then became disturbed at how dark and depressing they seemed and you know me... I like things light and entertaining. So I made the executive decision to hold off blogging until I had a clearer mind and didn't create blog titles like The View From Where I Sit and having dreams of a white and black puppy dog visiting me in the hospital.

So with foot surgery behind me and healing ahead of me, I now have a new appreciation for my two legs and feet. I had reconstructed surgery which was suppose to only take two hours, but instead it took six hours, where they had to break my foot in two places and do some ligament work and stretching my Achilles Tendon. And now I'm using a Walker and let me tell you... if you want a good work out, go out and buy a walker, because for the first two days my arms and abs were screaming. Also I will never underestimate the strength of a little old lady with a walker, believe me... she's not as frail as she looks.

Other observations now that I'm temporarily out of commission...

Bath time can be complicated and my girls are reminiscing about how it will be when I'm old.

There's already been a discussion on who will get what jobs, when taking care of me when I'm old.

Daughter #1 has the worst jobs.

Daughter #2 has the easiest.

I'm happy Daughter #1 has the worst jobs... she's more compassionate.

I'm sure Daughter #2 would forget to feed me.

So now I'm off to try to create a world full of excitement while being bedridden... and I'm thankful for Snoop our wise dog, he doesn't leave my bedside and he comes and lays his head on my chest every once in awhile to just check in.

Dreaming of my future six pack,
Java Girl

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Mismash Of Farm News

Many of you have emailed me and asked a report on the Mustangs we have. Well you'll be happy to hear that Sham and Celeste are eating out of our hands and Kiele is eating out of the bucket while I hold it. This whole experience is more than I can put words too. But each day we move forward and today it was Kiele... he would never come near us unless he had one of the other horses blocking him, but today he came right up to me all by himself and we had a great day.

Also my foot surgery is scheduled this week, so I'm trying to get all my chores done before the big knifola. But with two months with a cast and a third with a walking cast, I plan on painting the fence... but we'll see how that goes.

Now on to important news... Daughter #2 had a dream about this beautiful swing in our woods, so the next day she had the drill out and found some of her Daddy's rope and made a swing. Me being the Safety Police that I am... warned her not to get hurt, even though she's 18 and can do pretty much anything she puts her mind too and even do stuff that Mom can't do. So any who, as I painted our fence I periodically would call to her to make sure her didn't hurt herself. And after a little while she came out with an ice pack on her neck and I was sure she was faking! That little rat! Then she went on to tell me that the swing hit her on the back of her neck/head. And so her fairy tale swing didn't quite turn out how she liked, but today she was working hard on it again... and this time there were no injuries.

Now I know you know this fellow.

Yes, we can tame wild horses here, but we can't tame this guy.

And today Dutch realized that if he went up to the ipod while it's sitting in the dock, that he can stop the music. He did it three times while we were outdoors and when he did it, he was so happy for himself. Oh and one more thing, that crazy wild puppy stole my best bra and was mauling it in the front yard and Daughter #2 had to rescue it.

It's hard to find the right bra and when you do you need to protect it with your life,
Java Girl

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Telling Hubby About The Mustangs

As I promised... I then had to tell my Husband about what I did by adopting the Mustangs. Now my sweetie isn't like most men, yes he would never go out and do what I did... but he's always trusting God and if I do something crazy, he usually encourages me to be me.

So while he's overseas, we Skype (communication over the internet where you can see each other.) It's just like the Jetson's (cartoon). Anywho, I had just been on the phone with my friend and I had shared all my doubts with her... when the Skype phone rang, it was Hubby. I immediately ran to the computer and when I saw my husband face, I started to cry and tell him what I had done. He sat real quiet and had a half smile, then he said something that made me feel all better. He said, "Why are you doubting what God allowed to happen?" There you have it. And I thought how many times do we do that in our lives. Just because something doesn't turn out perfect right away, we then doubt that it's God's plan. Then Hubby said, "Isn't it exciting to try something so challenging and out of the ordinary and let's just see what happens.

Gotta love that Man!

Here's to all of you today, who have a dream or challenge. My hopes for you is that you could just step out of you're comfort zone and do it. Life's so short and there's so much to do!

Married to the Man of the Year,
Java Girl

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Of The Rest Of The Story

So after the arrival of our three furry friends... we loaded them into the barn and I was instructed by the Directors of the adoption center to "Let them stay in the barn tonight, then let them out in the morning." As my daughters and I finished up talking to the couple, they walked away saying "Once you gain their trust, there will be nothing you can't do with them!" And then this horse neighing and kicking started in the barn and they stopped and helped us place an extra fence in front of the barn door. It was completely overwhelming at this point.... I thought What in the world have I gone and done.... I must be completely insane, why didn't God stop me!

But there's one thing that kept sticking in my head about these horses... is that they've never been around humans and that they don't have hang ups. And I have to admit that I have friends who have horses and there are a few that I don't trust. They're moody, unpredictable and flightly. So the setting of just going out to the pasture and gaining Trust was the selling point for me. This also made sense to me because I was raised with horses and I was taught to watch the instinctual side of them, from my Grandfather. I don't know all the tackle verbage... but I understand the dynamics.

So the next morning after walking our dogs and having a big talk with my Maker/God. I headed back to the barn to let the horses out. I opened the door, they were in the corner which is common for these horses, because of their flight response. They're not aggressive. They looked and looked, became nervous, calmed down and then made this beautiful flight out of the barn and galloped around the pasture. After checking their perimeters, they dropped their heads and started eating the grass.

I was reminded by the director that these horses won't lay down or come up to us for three to four days and that Horse People don't usually do well with these horses because they expect too much from them too soon. But I'll have you know that they laid down that afternoon and by the next day they were eating out of my daughters hands. And the whole experience is so peaceful.

But don't think that it was all rosy. That morning I felt like I had made the biggest mistake and I called the Director two times to share my agony of biting off more than I could handle. Now mind you, the horses are completely happy... it was me having the problem. So the Director laughed and said, "Give it three days and if you want to return them... I'll come down and pick them up. But just get your girls out there and see what happens."

To be continued, where I'll tell you how I told my husband.
Java Girl

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celeste Sham and Kiele

Here's Celeste the white palomino filly. Doesn't she look mythical and next to her is Kiele who thinks he's the boss, but I have news for him.

And yes, I know what your thinking.... they need to be brushed, but we can't get that close yet. But I know... it's driving us all crazy that we can't brush them.

I just know if we could brush them, that they'd love us forever.

Any who I really need to move on from the brushing thing... so stay tuned for tomorrows blog in which I will share a momentary breakdown... followed by telling my husband what I'd done on Skype (face to face communication over the internet) while he's overseas serving our country.

It gets better... really,
Java Girl

Yes Those Are Three Wild Mustangs In My Pasture

After much research I decided that even though we live in the middle of Tennessee Walking Horse Country that our family just likes rescues.... as in rescued cats, kittens, dogs and anything else that someone else doesn't want. We're not into pedigree or being registered. But they have to be able to fit into our family.

Simple right?

Not really when it involves horses that are rescued from starvation in Nevada and are now being adopted out. But there's two catches, one is that these are some what wild Mustang horses and the other is that I was convinced by my research that theses horses are amazingly smart and you have to be willing to have the patience to teach them to trust you, then there is nothing you can't do with them.

So as my Daughters and I picked up the rented horse trailer to transport maybe two horses, we then head to our destination and let me tell you we prayed so hard that this was the right decision and asked God to stop us if it wasn't in His plan. And upon arrival, we decide on a 7 month old palomino filly who looks like you could put a unicorn horn head gear on her and she'd stop every car driving by our farm. Then there's our two year old gelding who is all black with white socks and has the most interesting tail which is black underneath and white on top (my daughter said it looks like a skunk tail). Then there's the second gelding who is all black and interestingly connected with Daughter #2 in a special way and he's definitely a winner already.

So while at the Adoption Center I'm told that our trailer won't work... we need a stock trailer that allows for free movement. I thought maybe this was the sign from God that He didn't want us to go through this... but when the owner said, "We'll deliver them tonight if you just pay for our gas." I thought, "Ok". And knowing that if these horses don't work out I can return them was all the more reason to give this expedition a try. Us Military Wives are sometimes like that...

So now as we drive home and ready for three horses... the doubts start rolling around in my mind.

"Oh Lord! I pray.....

to be continued later today with pictures.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Was I Thinking

After a quick visit from my Mother-in-Law recently.... she laughingly reminded me of an event from my past that I completely forgot about, actually, I probably blocked it from my mind. And because I'm not afraid to share all my dirty laundry with all of you, I thought I'd share this piece of history that will be no value to you for the future unless you're eight months pregnant, own one car that is only a two seater and have a Brother-in-Law visiting.

Yes, I was eight months pregnant and my Brother-in-Law was visiting and my husband got a great idea to drive up to Universal Studios in LA and I insisted on going too. But you see, I don't really believe I was part of the plan, because when two brothers get together and one is married, they usually don't involve the spouse. So as we loaded up in my Ford EXP (which again only had two seats). And it was decided that I would have to go in the back and in order to go in the back, you have to lay down. So I did. I can't believe I did, but I did. I laid on my side, my back, on my other side and on top of all the uncomfortableness, their was no air conditioning and it was July in California... need I say more. As I watched my spouse and brother-in-law happily enjoy their hour and a half ride and while I just wanted to die. Hot, sticky and pregnant don't do well with me.

But I felt like I had to keep up with these guys and I did, swollen ankles and too many potty breaks later. And as I'm thinking about this, I believe there is a picture somewhere in our photo albums that has me in the Gorilla Cage with my belly sticking out between the bent bars.... I go see if I can find it and post it later today.

I also have another story about these two eating Ramen noodles with appetizer forks because there were no clean dishes.... but I'll save that story for another time.

Here's wishing you a happy Tuesday,
Java Girl

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter With Friends

Yesterday was the best Easter my girls and I have ever had. It was spent with friends out at their farm... and after an unbelievable lunch the older girls hid Easter eggs and then the hunt began.

Here's aka Peanut with her older brother helping her find the eggs and by the way it was also her two year old birthday.

And the race was on...

The beauty of Spring was all around...

And after dinner we went for a walk and a pony drawn cart ride that was the neatest thing we've done in a long time. What a treat!

And in the world of texting, instant messaging and too much television ... there is still nothing that will ever take the place of country roads, sunshine and spending time with friends..

And Peanut started to sing Happy Birthday to herself before anyone else was ready. But it's not like she hasn't heard it before... with 7 siblings and one on the way.

Hope your Sunday was just as special,
Java Girl

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sorry It's Been So Long...

With life in a camper while our wood floors get refinished has caused me to have an array of observations and craziness that has made me just wonder how people live in a camper and go place to place. I picture my dear friend, her husband and her eight children traveling over the United States in this home on wheels. But I thought I'd let you know what my life looks like from my view...

1. The refrigerator is on the back porch and I wish I had a person who could just run back and forth whenever I wanted, because as soon as I get to the camper, I remember what I forgot from the refrigerator.

2. Cats don't adapt well to change and can't understand why there is plastic over the doors.

3. Dogs do adapt well because they really don't care... they plow through anyways.

4. Sharing a bathroom with strangers who are working on my house was a challenge at first and now I don't care one bit if it's clean or not.

5. Barbeque grills are the best invention and if I could meet the person who invented them... I would give them the biggest kiss you ever saw.

6. It feels like a vacation but I've never worked so hard in my life.

7. We now are spending 90% of our waking hours... OUTOORS (which I love).

8. I got my garden fertilized and covered with weed free tarp and if nothing grows in it this summer, I'm simply going to blow it up.

9. I love my new riding lawn mower and plan on spending the rest of my life on it. I don't know why but it relaxes me and no one bothers you unless it's an emergency.

So just four more days of this and we'll be back in our home and I'll be back to blogging like no bodies business.

Happy Easter,
Java Girl and Javaettes