Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What About Homeschooling

Daughter #1 with her "princess hair" as her sister would call it....

Daughter #2 with the best piano teacher she ever had...

How a homeschooler learns measurements... just kidding

One of the coolest restaurants ever.. Corvette Diner!

I've been asked many times why we've homeschooled over these many years and my answer has changed too. The first reason we started to homeschool was because the principle of the school that our daughter was going to attend had lifestyle choices that we didn't agree with, being that we are Christians. Then after a friend said, "Just give it one year and see how it goes." We did... and where amazed that our oldest was reading already and excelling in all areas.

Next we noticed that it worked with my husbands work schedule... for example, Dad is home means "no school". Dad's gone means "school, school, school". And that worked for us. Next came something that we never imagined and that was the maturity that we saw growing in their little lives and we were amazed. After that there had been a death in my Husbands platoon and my girls knew this exceptional young man and so this changed them in another way..."That life and death are real." And next came concern for Daddy and we really learned to not take life for granted and to completely trust in God that He was/is going to keep our Daddy safe. And He has. This also encouraged an environment where our girls learned to trust in their faith no matter what happens.

So now my girls are older and could be on their own if they wanted. But home is still where they flourish and they crave the simple things. They stand up for what is right and they encourage others to do the same. There's so much of their Daddy in them and at times I feel like it's God's gift to me... that when Daddy is gone, I still have bit's and pieces of him here with me.

So my encouragement to you is to pray and ask God what he wants for your family and don't be afraid to step out on a limb! Because the climb is so worth it.

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