Monday, March 15, 2010

Sweet Jesus Please Help Me!

I've had the most absolutely positively busiest week and a half that you could ever imagine!! The End

Just kidding, but really I'm not kidding... life has just been amazingly unpredictable lately, first starting with the Mennonite who was putting in my fence. You know, they're private and work for cheap and private (Did I say that already?). But anyways, I asked if he wanted to bring his family over for coffee and cinnamon rolls and darned if he didn't except and show up with the cutest wife and two little boys. And we had a great time!!

Next, someone entered my barn without my permission (my brother-in-law calls it Unauthorized Access) that means now I'm having a gate, locks and sensor lights put on the barn. Busy Busy Busy!!

Then for the topper, not that my girls and I haven't had enough excitement.... then my Mother-in-law and her husband planned to stop by on their trip from Alabama to Michigan. Now you have to understand this duo, here... I'll give you some ideas:

1) They have a GPS but don't know how to use it.

2) They weren't able to back their car out of our drive, so we had to turn it around and back it in for them.

3) My Mother-in-Law asked me if she could have a Cook Book that she gave to me for Christmas one year... and I absolutely didn't want to part with it, so I made up an excuse why I couldn't give it to her right then and there.

4) They recently learned how to answer their cell phones. Before they just used them for calls they were making, if they could get the number right.

5) And when Mom asked me to check my phone number in her cell phone to see if it was the right number... I noticed that she had the area code of Alaska, the first three number's from San Diego and the last four numbers of my home here. Oh My!

6) And when they got ready to leave I noticed that my Father-in-law's phone was dead and then I showed them how to charge it in the car.

Now what I'm telling you is nothing new to my Brother and Sister in Law and their spouses. We've all went through this same ritual with them. BUT they still continue to want use technology even though it should be the farthest thing from their minds.

So any who, yesterday there was a really slight chance that they were going to stop by, but again we weren't sure if they would call us and if they did, would they remember the exit off the freeway. So I was pretty sure that I would get fair warning before they showed up. As I lounged around in my pajamas and drank coffee by the fireside.. I was truly enjoying my moment of peace and quiet. That's when it happen, my youngest looked out the front door to check on her puppy, when I heard her say, "Get ready Mom... Grandma and Leroy are driving up the drive!!!!" Oh my goodness! I flew out of the chair and all I could think is the number one rule of all times when it comes to a Mother- in-law..... You want to look your best! I was absolutely not looking my best!!

To be continued tomorrow,
Java Girl

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