Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cat Fights And Other Serious Matters

This is Rascals our beloved cat... He's a lover not a fighter....

See what I mean...

Then one day this guy came along and we named him Sunny and as cute as he is and even though he's probably the best lap cat this side of the Mississippi, he's got some flaws. He's unneutered. Not good! But he seemed to want to try to fit in at first here on the farm even though the dogs and cats didn't seem to care for him a whole lot. But we thought we'd try and give him a chance.

Now this little girl Lucky didn't feel the same way the other cats did, but she's is very young and impressionable and hasn't had a whole lot of experience with boys, but still she was a little taken with Sunny. She would flirt from the fence tops and roll around on the ground in front of Sunny. But I let this behavior go, because she's been fixed. I personally think that it wasn't Christ like for me, but we're talking about the animal world and not my daughters. So any who.

Here's our hero Purry and you better believe that he'll take on any creature this side of the Mississippi and maybe even on the other side of the Mississippi. He even went after our dear departed Doberman named Chief on several occasions and let me tell you it was not pretty for Chief! FYI - he wasn't killed by Purry.

As you can see this is a Felis catus that can't be reckoned with. He has another side. There's the sweet I love Jaclyn side and then there's the I'm going to tear you apart side. If you know what I mean.

So the reason I'm telling you all this is that we had an incident at our house. Sunny one day decided that he didn't like Rascals aka Lover and that he was going to start a fight with him. Sunny went after our sweet Rascals and that boy didn't know what to do.... so he ran under the porch and Sunny followed. As all three of us gals listened and expressed our alarm, we could hear Rascals kind of doing this, please help me I have no street smarts cry, while Sunny was doing this I going to kill you growl. And that's when we knew we had to do something! So Daughter #1 decided to wake Purry up from his nap and throw him under the porch to save Rascals from Sunny. And as you may be imagining Purry rogered up for the job and took care of business within seconds.

Everyone pretty much made it out unscathed, but we gals made a decision then and there that Sunny needed a different home. This was hard for Daughter #1 because Sunny had pulled on her heart strings and they made a connection. So after a call to the Animal Shelter, we felt okay about dropping off Sunny being that they don't euthanize them at all. So my brave Daughter #1 took Sunny to the Animal Shelter and when she came home she was a bit upset that the desk clerk didn't want to hear how good of a cat he was and then Daughter #1 had to hand him over to a prisoner who was doing his community service at the shelter. And her rose colored glasses became a little fogged up by the event.

So today I'm glad to report that things are much calmer here... except for Lucky who had the crush, she'll just have to learn that they'll be other cats in the cat pan.

I've got to tell you... sometimes the drama around here, is more than I can bear,

Until tomorrow,
Java Girl

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