Friday, February 26, 2010

The Low Down at Lowe's

If you have read my blog for any length of time.... you'll know that the antics of my husband are endless.

For example, the other day we went to Lowe's to buy a trailer and after a long discussion beforehand on the subject (which happens all the time) we then made a final decision on the product to purchase.

Now you will need some background on us... because my husband's work calls him away so much, I usually have the role of buying anything for maintenance at our house, yard and now barn and garden. And many times we will have a discussion and think we know what the other person is talking about and then we are completely flabbergasted when we realize that neither of us had the slightest idea what the other one was talking about!

So back to Lowe's.... As we walk in and I head right to the counter to find an assistant to help us pull this new purchase out from the rack, which is a trailer for our future lawn mower.... I notice that my husband is no where to be found, until poor Lanny (Lowe's employee) who is helping me, finally gets the whole unit pulled out from the rack. Then to my wandering eyes appear stands my husband at the end of the aisle asking... "What are you doing?" I respond with a "Getting the cart"... He then says "That's not the one we want." And then I look puzzled and now embarrassed when I look at Lanny and see that he's having to hold up the cart while Daddio and I work out verbally our lack of communication problems. So finally we get the cart Dad wants and then head over to the chain saws.

And it only got worse... My husband hates spending money and I truly believe that he has more Dutch in him than I do, because the agony of spending money is to the point of seeking professional help. Any who, I'm usually brought along so that I can talk him into the purchase that he needs but doesn't want to buy. We're funny like that.

So after scanning the chain saws I can tell that he wants a high quality, durable saw and I'm all for that... because we've wasted too much money on cheap stuff that breaks down all too soon. I then watch him wander over to the cheaper saws and the struggle begins. I tell him that quality is better and he wanders back and forth. I then say "Just get the one you want!" So that's when it happens... the more expensive chain saws are on the third row (the very top) and of course the cheaper saws are on the bottom. At this point I can't believe my eyes... Daddio starts to climb the rack like a monkey and I say to him "What are you doing?! You're going to get in trouble... they have ladders for that!" As I lower my head and cover my eyes and instinctually know that Hubby's going to get caught... I then hear Lanny's voice come up behind me and it makes me jump! He asks..."Sir can I help you with that?" And I simply want to lay down and die at this point. Embarrassed beyond belief that my husband would break the holy Lowe's rule and climb to the top of the rack. All the time my husband doesn't even seemed phased by what he's doing!!!!

Lanny's was understanding and all, but I spill my guts and tell my husbands sins to him like he was some priest... and then I appologize for what my husband did. All the time thinking that stupid people climb racks and fall all the time... then sue the very store for the accident. I wanted to let him know that we weren't like those "stupid people" even though every sign pointed to it.

After that trip I'm sure you're not surprised that I was exhausted beyond words. My husband is a Wild Card... a Holy Wild and after knowing him for 28 years, you'd think I would be use to it... but I'm still taken off guard every once and a while and this trip was no exception.

Taking a Hiatus from Lowe's,
Java Girl