Sunday, January 31, 2010

What I Woke Up To Today

The last two days the family and I have been weathering this amazing Ice Storm that came through Tennessee. It really hasn't been that hard... the girls and I have sat by the fire, ate some great food and watched movies. So I guess that's my idea of weathering a storm.

Our pine tree fell over with the heavy ice and Daughter #2 and I sawed limbs and propped it up with a chair.... will it live? We'll find out.

We also are the only ones near by with a 4-wheel drive and it came in handy when our neighbor had a sledding accident yesterday that caused her to have to go to emergency. I've now proudly named my Suburban "The Beast" because yesterday it got us through some of the worse weather and road conditions to get my sweet friend to emergency. Thank goodness it still has the Alaska snow tires on it!

Wishing you a Java Sunday,
Java Girl

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