Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Homeschooling at its Best

For those of you out there who Homeschool here's a few schooling notes you might want to take when you have a Senior at home that is completely bored with her school books.

Yes, it's Daughter #2 and to be honest, driven academics has never been her strong point. You see.... she's creative, musical, practical and athletic which means she's always moving. So when she complained about her Lit book, I simply took a look and realized the agony she was going through. So I decided to have her write a bio on her favorite author... Jane Austen.

After three hours of research and writing, she came out all bright eyed to give me an update. I was amazed! And along with all that, she did some medical research to find out what the disease was that Jane Austen died from which took another hour.

Then for just the fun of it, she looked up Haiti and we read the demographics of the country. She found that on the CIA fact file which anyone could go to. It's very informational.

This has always been the way Daugther #2 learns the best. Complete immersion into a subject, studying the subject from all angles... she studied Jane Austen's family and where they lived (geography), her passions, walking was one (fittness), her writings (literature), her struggle with Addisons Disease and how she could have lived longer if she lived in this day and age (medical research and comparison).

That's what I love about Homeschooling, if you're willing to step out and be creative... schooling can be so fun and the greatest benefit is that they remember it!

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

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