Friday, January 22, 2010

Humor Survey

I was asked not too long ago if I would be interested in taking a survey on humor and the role it plays in a military couples life. As I was answering the questionnaire I was amazed at how much humor and teasing plays a part in my marriage.

Now first there are some things you need to know.... My husband and I have totally different ideas of what's funny and what's not funny. Here are some of them..

1. He thinks that anything that causes me to trip, fall, hiccup or scream... is simply the funniest occurrence.

2. I think that anything that takes him "off guard" is hilarious... because my hubby doesn't usually make mistakes, I often tease him with the phase... you're nothing but a "Super Hero" (this is so true, because once he had a dream that he got beat up and it troubled him for days... I on the other hand get beat up in my dreams every night).

3. He's graceful and percise. I'm not.

4. He's aware of his surroundings at all times, I'm not.

5. So as you can tell we're polar opposites.

6. One thing we do have in common is dead animal jokes or occurrences. This is a strange connection that we have and we've been able to pass it on to our children. Where it came from, I have no idea. Please pray for us!

So if there are any of you out there who would like to take this survey, which is being used to help a friend with her PhD.... just shoot me a quick email or post in the comment section of this blog and I'll give you the information.

Have a absolute Java Day,
Java Girl

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