Sunday, January 31, 2010

What I Woke Up To Today

The last two days the family and I have been weathering this amazing Ice Storm that came through Tennessee. It really hasn't been that hard... the girls and I have sat by the fire, ate some great food and watched movies. So I guess that's my idea of weathering a storm.

Our pine tree fell over with the heavy ice and Daughter #2 and I sawed limbs and propped it up with a chair.... will it live? We'll find out.

We also are the only ones near by with a 4-wheel drive and it came in handy when our neighbor had a sledding accident yesterday that caused her to have to go to emergency. I've now proudly named my Suburban "The Beast" because yesterday it got us through some of the worse weather and road conditions to get my sweet friend to emergency. Thank goodness it still has the Alaska snow tires on it!

Wishing you a Java Sunday,
Java Girl

Friday, January 22, 2010

Humor Survey

I was asked not too long ago if I would be interested in taking a survey on humor and the role it plays in a military couples life. As I was answering the questionnaire I was amazed at how much humor and teasing plays a part in my marriage.

Now first there are some things you need to know.... My husband and I have totally different ideas of what's funny and what's not funny. Here are some of them..

1. He thinks that anything that causes me to trip, fall, hiccup or scream... is simply the funniest occurrence.

2. I think that anything that takes him "off guard" is hilarious... because my hubby doesn't usually make mistakes, I often tease him with the phase... you're nothing but a "Super Hero" (this is so true, because once he had a dream that he got beat up and it troubled him for days... I on the other hand get beat up in my dreams every night).

3. He's graceful and percise. I'm not.

4. He's aware of his surroundings at all times, I'm not.

5. So as you can tell we're polar opposites.

6. One thing we do have in common is dead animal jokes or occurrences. This is a strange connection that we have and we've been able to pass it on to our children. Where it came from, I have no idea. Please pray for us!

So if there are any of you out there who would like to take this survey, which is being used to help a friend with her PhD.... just shoot me a quick email or post in the comment section of this blog and I'll give you the information.

Have a absolute Java Day,
Java Girl

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some of My Favorite Photos

My all time favorite.... was taken from a cheap bouquet from the grocery store...

My adorable niece after her bath....

My nephew, he's the one in the middle looking straight at the camera.... before his group singing debut...

Daddy and Daughter #2..

My Uncle Jay fishing the Buskin River in Kodiak Alaska....

Kodiak Alaska in the winter....

Photos of plants on the patio...

Kodiak, again....

Yes sir, buffalo do live on Kodiak Island....

Random photo....

Sea Lion.....

Rascals always trying to stow away, so that Dad will take him on his next trip.....

I just love this pig at the fair... he didn't have a care in the world...

Hummingbird outside my window.....

Russian dolls at the market in Kiev...

Hope you enjoy,
Java Girl

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Homeschooling at its Best

For those of you out there who Homeschool here's a few schooling notes you might want to take when you have a Senior at home that is completely bored with her school books.

Yes, it's Daughter #2 and to be honest, driven academics has never been her strong point. You see.... she's creative, musical, practical and athletic which means she's always moving. So when she complained about her Lit book, I simply took a look and realized the agony she was going through. So I decided to have her write a bio on her favorite author... Jane Austen.

After three hours of research and writing, she came out all bright eyed to give me an update. I was amazed! And along with all that, she did some medical research to find out what the disease was that Jane Austen died from which took another hour.

Then for just the fun of it, she looked up Haiti and we read the demographics of the country. She found that on the CIA fact file which anyone could go to. It's very informational.

This has always been the way Daugther #2 learns the best. Complete immersion into a subject, studying the subject from all angles... she studied Jane Austen's family and where they lived (geography), her passions, walking was one (fittness), her writings (literature), her struggle with Addisons Disease and how she could have lived longer if she lived in this day and age (medical research and comparison).

That's what I love about Homeschooling, if you're willing to step out and be creative... schooling can be so fun and the greatest benefit is that they remember it!

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heavy Heart

My heart is so heavy today.... I received a call last night from my husband that one of his co-worker's 5 month old son, died yesterday. This family was just getting ready to send their Dad off for a Deployment overseas.

I kept waking up in the night... thinking about the Mom. I wondered what she's doing, how is she feeling, is her faith sustaining her... or does she feel out of control, helpless, or in some strange way being punished for a wrong she committed. I felt like I was with her in some sort of strange way, even though we're about 1000 miles away from each other and I don't even really know her (I just met her once).

My prayers for her are not to second guess herself and to remember that even though she won't be looking into her little guys eyes here on earth... that he is where he's always needed to be, Heaven. I'm sure if he could comfort his parents and big brother, he would not want them to worry, because his in the best place in the world.

So why do these things happen... again, the older I get, the less I understand. But one thing I do know is that the Lord God loves us beyond our wildest ideas of what His love could be for us. That He is perfecting us to be more like Jesus. And in order for that to happen, there are going to be tragic, painful, healing, joyful times.

If you could remember to send up prayers to Our Lord today, I would be happy to confirm them before the Lord... all that you ask for this family.

Java Girl

Monday, January 11, 2010

Make Sure to put the Car in Park

I need to confess a secret flaw that I have. It's actually pretty big... and it's this. When I'm in a hurry, I sometimes forget to put the car in park. YES, I said it!

And the last time that I forgot to put it into park, I was taking my oldest to Emergency Room and had to leave her in the car for about 5 minutes and the car never moved, not one inch. Thank God for that!

I also have another weird habit... I try to get out of the car with my seatbelt still buckled. It's very hard to do, actually impossible. I'm trying to seek out treatment for it, but still can't find anyone who provides these services.

Anyways, while your out this week, I know that you'll think of me when you put your car in park and when you unfasten your seatbelt.

Aren't you happy you have me here to enlightened you on random weird quirky habits?

Hope you have a Java Day!
Java Girl

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Grocery List and Other Business

My transition to country life has been fun and also funny... especially when I look at my grocery list. I just noticed the other day that I'm running low on ammunition. So mixed in with my sugar and eggs is a stop at the local sporting goods store. This is my new world of transition from California to Tennessee.

Also today I had the Mennonites come and give me a quote on putting in a fence. They are so much cheaper and efficient and so that's why they'll be putting in a fence for our horses.

They were an interesting little crew of men...

I'll keep you posted,
Java Girl