Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lost and Found

My husband's Uncle Jimmy is a character... to put it lightly. And it's always fun to be with him and his family, so tonight in honor of Uncle Jimmy, I simply need to tell you a few things about him.

1) He's never driven to our home and found it the first time (even after visiting the same house 14 times)
2) He's a retired Fireman
3) I don't think the Fire Department let him drive the truck
4) I remember him calling when he arrived to close proximity of our house, so we could send our youngest daughter out in the yard to flag him down
5) She would frequently come back and say "Uncle Jimmy just drove by twice"
6) There were always hugs when he finally arrived
7) He has a sleeping disorder which once made him fall suddenly asleep at a traffic light and he dreamed it turned green.... but when he woke up it was still red!
8) Lots of coffee is always consumed during his visits
9) His young daughter and my youngest daughter once had an argument in the back seat of the car about having the same last name

So in honor of Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Luann and their arrival to our new home in the country tomorrow night...

I send out my prayers that his arrival will not become lengthy... especially for my youngest who will be waiting for him at the end of the driveway... flagging him in like an Air Traffic Controller.

If you see this character.... DON'T follow him anywhere!! Because he doesn't know where he is going.

I'll keep you posted,
Java Girl

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