Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little Boys

I've been around a lot of little boys between and age of 3 to 13 lately and I've realized some things about them.....

1. The smaller ones usually fall in love with Daughter #2 in a matter of seconds.
2. They have no rhyme or reason, why they do what they do and when they do it.
3. The most usual things make them crack up laughing.
4. Certain ones can get Daughter #2 to roller skate and play basketball in the rain all at the same time. (please don't try this at home or without an helmet)
5. I wish I could bottle their enthusiasm for pulling pranks.
6. They eat constantly.
7. They're fun to watch and it often feels like you're watching an tennis match.
8. They love to destroy bugs and often times torture them first.
9. Cleaning their hands seem like the most ridiculous request.
10. I couldn't imagine a world without their craziness, kindness, helpfulness, intrigue and camaraderie.

Just my thoughts on this cloudy cold day in the country,
Java Girl

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