Monday, December 21, 2009

The Amish and Auctions

It's been my personal goal to find the absolute best fried chicken in the world. And my quest didn't last very long after I ate at this joint. The Kuntry Kitchen in Lawrenceburg TN is where I found it.... so in their perfection process of making the best chicken, we need to forget the fact that they can't spell. But it was well worth all the phonic disarray that also graced the menu.

It's also Amish country and the great thing about this area is that the Amish like you to stop in at their homes and they sell various items such as peanut clusters, peanut brittle, crocheted hats, jams and the list goes on....

Here are two Amish draft horses who strangely looked at us just like the Amish did. But I'm sure I was imagining things....

Then to top the weekend off we went to a real time, out on a country road, Auction. And to further my frustration with understanding the language here, I now found myself in an Auction where I absolutely positively couldn't understand much of anything said. But it was so interesting that I truly felt like I wasn't in Kansas anymore. In one month I've went from Southern California to remote Auction house in Tennessee and I simply love the variety.

Talk to you tomorrow,

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