Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little Boys

I've been around a lot of little boys between and age of 3 to 13 lately and I've realized some things about them.....

1. The smaller ones usually fall in love with Daughter #2 in a matter of seconds.
2. They have no rhyme or reason, why they do what they do and when they do it.
3. The most usual things make them crack up laughing.
4. Certain ones can get Daughter #2 to roller skate and play basketball in the rain all at the same time. (please don't try this at home or without an helmet)
5. I wish I could bottle their enthusiasm for pulling pranks.
6. They eat constantly.
7. They're fun to watch and it often feels like you're watching an tennis match.
8. They love to destroy bugs and often times torture them first.
9. Cleaning their hands seem like the most ridiculous request.
10. I couldn't imagine a world without their craziness, kindness, helpfulness, intrigue and camaraderie.

Just my thoughts on this cloudy cold day in the country,
Java Girl

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lost and Found

My husband's Uncle Jimmy is a character... to put it lightly. And it's always fun to be with him and his family, so tonight in honor of Uncle Jimmy, I simply need to tell you a few things about him.

1) He's never driven to our home and found it the first time (even after visiting the same house 14 times)
2) He's a retired Fireman
3) I don't think the Fire Department let him drive the truck
4) I remember him calling when he arrived to close proximity of our house, so we could send our youngest daughter out in the yard to flag him down
5) She would frequently come back and say "Uncle Jimmy just drove by twice"
6) There were always hugs when he finally arrived
7) He has a sleeping disorder which once made him fall suddenly asleep at a traffic light and he dreamed it turned green.... but when he woke up it was still red!
8) Lots of coffee is always consumed during his visits
9) His young daughter and my youngest daughter once had an argument in the back seat of the car about having the same last name

So in honor of Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Luann and their arrival to our new home in the country tomorrow night...

I send out my prayers that his arrival will not become lengthy... especially for my youngest who will be waiting for him at the end of the driveway... flagging him in like an Air Traffic Controller.

If you see this character.... DON'T follow him anywhere!! Because he doesn't know where he is going.

I'll keep you posted,
Java Girl

Friday, December 25, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Growing up in Michigan and being the child of a single Mom, meant that my sister and I would spend a lot of time with our Grandparents on their farm in Lupton, Michigan.

I especially remember one Christmas where my Grandpa got my sister and I all worked up over Santa's arrival. Now back in the 70's there was a radio station in Flint Michigan that would give you periodic Santa sightings and when they announced the Santa was getting close to our area, Grandpa would hurry us off the bed.

But one memory that sticks in my mind and I still have no clue how it happen, was the morning of Christmas and we had opened our presents and eaten breakfast and then Grandpa wanted to show us what he found on the roof of the house. As we stood there in our pajamas and looked up... there to our astonishment, were sleigh and reindeer tracks!!!! Now mind you, it's Christmas, it's snowy and the roof is about 25 feet at it's highest point. Not to mention that Grandpa was in his 70's.

I've never found out how he did it, or maybe he didn't. Maybe there really is a Santa Claus and he really did visit us that night. Either way... I'm happy for the memory!

Here's to my Grandparents memory of making Christmas special,
Java Girl

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Party Time

Last night we had one of the best Christmas Party's we've ever had in the history of our family. Almost everyone came who we invited and we didn't want the visiting to stop. I'll tell you one thing.... if you move to a new place.. simply have a party and then you get to know the neighbors.

The generosity of those around us was amazing! One new friend we made was Jennifer and she brought a gift for our daughter that she invented... it's a game called Bible Sketch and I have to say that I was so excited and proud of her... that I grabbed a pen for her to sign the box.

Jennifer also told us that she has two more games in her head that she would like to get on the market. You go Jennifer!!! If you want to reach her to buy one... just give Jennifer a call at 931-381-8993.

Merry Christmas!
Java Girl

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Amish and Auctions

It's been my personal goal to find the absolute best fried chicken in the world. And my quest didn't last very long after I ate at this joint. The Kuntry Kitchen in Lawrenceburg TN is where I found it.... so in their perfection process of making the best chicken, we need to forget the fact that they can't spell. But it was well worth all the phonic disarray that also graced the menu.

It's also Amish country and the great thing about this area is that the Amish like you to stop in at their homes and they sell various items such as peanut clusters, peanut brittle, crocheted hats, jams and the list goes on....

Here are two Amish draft horses who strangely looked at us just like the Amish did. But I'm sure I was imagining things....

Then to top the weekend off we went to a real time, out on a country road, Auction. And to further my frustration with understanding the language here, I now found myself in an Auction where I absolutely positively couldn't understand much of anything said. But it was so interesting that I truly felt like I wasn't in Kansas anymore. In one month I've went from Southern California to remote Auction house in Tennessee and I simply love the variety.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Big Daddy's B-Day

With all the craziness this military lifestyle gives us.... one thing is for sure, we don't usually get to spend birthdays together. Well this year is different!! Big Daddy turns 44 today!!! Happy Birthday to you baby!!!

So I thought I'd write down a few things we like about him, that you may not know...

He loves cats.
He could get paid as an Interior Decorator.
He is so fast at Honey Do lists that it's ridiculous.
He has a sense of humor that only a mother could love.
How he gets all nervous when a boy is slightly interested in his daughters.
His patriotism for his country.
That he reminds me of his dad.
He loves to hang out with his daughters and talk on any subject.
He saved Snoop in the dog fight by choking out the other dog... single handily, literally!
How much he loves Christmas lights.
And that he will watch any chick flick with us.
No ground mole from here to Michigan is safe with his ground mole execution expertise.
Here's to you Daddy!
Java Girl

Monday, December 14, 2009

Horsing Around

Along with God showing us where He wanted us to live next.... came the amazing surprise that we're right next to where the Tennessee Walking Horse originated. Here is a friend who came over to our farm and brought his Walking horses so we could ride for the afternoon. As you can tell I'm happy as a clam. Amen

Riding naturally gaited horses are like driving a race car. All the controls are tight and on spot... Here our friend is guiding Daughter #1 horse so that she can feel the smooth ride.

And we're not lacking for friends here, which has been an unexpected blessing while transitioning to country life.

Except for Snoop Dog.... our citified rescue dog...

As of December 17, 2009 he's been sprayed by a skunk and in one dog fight in which he had no idea what he was doing. He basically got beat up.

Sometimes transitions are different for the critters.

Here's wishing you a great day!!
Java Girl

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Time

For my dearest friend Kara out there who wanted to see the pictures of the inside of our new house here it is. While we were unpacking, we were also decorating for Christmas. Hubby is a master at making the house look so homey. This is the great room.

Here's the dinning area...

My Aunt Joyce sent these figurines and they fit perfect over the fireplace.

Our new kitty Lucky on the 14th branch on the Christmas Tree. He's a professional.... don't try this at home!

Talk to you tomorrow,
Java Girl

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nowhere But Up

This last month has been nothing but a whirlwind. But with finally getting Daddy home and moving to Tennessee... we're finally pretty much moved into our new home out in the country and we're simply loving it.

But first of all, I want to recap the last month so that I feel you all are caught up..

Here's Daddy at Thanksgiving, visiting, which is one of his favorite things to do..

I met this cutest piece of pie... and I simply fell in love with her. I'm going to keep her name a secret because one day I believe she is going to be famous and then I can say I knew her when...

We also had the honor of meeting this gentleman. He's one of the original Lost Boys of Sudan. He's now being sponsored by a Christian Family and is going to college. He's an absolute math wiz and feels honored that he can be in the United States and go to school. I was told that he and his fellow Sudan friends compete to see how well each one can do in school.

Next my honey and I had a great road trip together... we've never done a road trip alone. And believe it or not, we still want to stay married!! jk

Here's our new home.....

Here's our barn and field....

Our new addition is just the cutest, energetic, hilarious, independent critter you've ever met. And he's able to climb the christmas tree and not knock off one ornament. The other day I was walking by the tree and I saw his head peeking out of the tree and he almost was at the top!!!!

Daughter #1 in her element...

My privilege in meeting my favorite Blogger, Pioneer Women.

Daughter #2 is so happy with all the open space...

And I can't help but send my thoughts upward to thank God for all His blessings, which I don't feel like I deserve.

Talk to you tomorrow,
Java Girl