Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Art of Conversation

It's really hit me lately that our communication skills are dwindling as our age turns more and more to technology...

We've all heard it said, but lately I'm really noticing how the younger generations are losing their humor, sense of communication and overall social interaction skills. This is one example..... yesterday at Jiffy Lube while I was waiting to get my oil changed, I sat at a picnic table to wait for my car. The woman across the table, never looked at me while she texted and then began to read from her electronic book. I felt the need to engage and have light conversation, but there was none to be had.

Then after the church service on Sunday (I love my church, have I told you that!) we had five other churches visiting and we served them soup and dessert. Now I sat down at a table by myself and six woman from age 70+ started to slowing fill the table. I was amazed at the artfulness of their conversation and when they left the table to get a drink or dessert, they excused themselves and then returned to again engage in conversation.

What happen to the Good Ol Days when people came first and time was not on the agenda. I remember as a girl that my family put a huge emphasis on being with others and making it a great event. Now days it's not uncommon to invite guests to my house and have them cancel at the last minute and me stuck with 8 pounds of chicken parmesan.

I've also noticed with myself that technology is an excuse to be selfish when bored or uncomfortable in a situation. I read an article the other day about this techie generation not having developed facial expressions, because of time spent with technology. I sure hope that doesn't happen.

So today, right now, I challenge you to engage with someone today. Let them know they're important and especially remember to listen and learn. And if it's possible, I'd try to meet up with them in person to make the time even more special!

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

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