Friday, October 30, 2009

Runaway Car Chases and Stolen Food

I've been ordering organic food and other goods from a company called Azure Standard for three years now. I started after Daughter #1 doctor said that she needed to eat organic. With reluctancy I started and realized soon enough that the whole family was going to have to eat organic or we just couldn't do. The task of trying to keep foods separate almost drove me to drinking.... but that another story for another time. But the results were totally worth it as we watched our daughter's health start to improve.

So I found this company that ships out organic to pretty much the whole west coast and Alaska. Bulk is their specialty and shipping is FREE! Yes, I said free. So now that I'm in California, I've became a drop point and have about 16 families using my house as a drop for their orders. Now during this process I've come to know the truck driver Rick who stops by my house every month and we become fast friends.

Rick is from Oregon and always is having something happen to him when he's down here in my neck of the woods. For example, about two months ago bank robbers decided to mess up traffic on the freeway when they started to throw money out their car windows while driving down the freeway. It worked, as you might be guessing, poor Rick was in the middle of everything.

So as he teases me that we're just plain crazy down here... I was worried when he was late arriving to my house to make his drop. I called and he said, "I was just robbed!! Some guys jumped into my truck and stole food!". Poor Rick, I expecting him to quit anytime now. I think it's too much drama for a guy from Oregon that's use to peace and quite and trusting neighbors.

So in tribute to Rick the truck driver who's willing to brave the tundra of San Diego and risk it all to get me my slivered almonds.... I dedicate this blog today.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

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