Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Plane Partners

Yesterday I had the funniest young man sit next to me on a flight. He was in the Navy and had been visiting a girl that he liked. I inquired how it went and he said "Good". He then held up his hand in a fist and then waited for me to do the same. I thought to myself... "my word, does he want me to smack knuckles with him?" He did..... and so I did this weird primal trendy act of coolness and started to laugh at the same time. He didn't look at me as a overweight forty something that was worn out from a fun long weekend with my hubby.

I like people, I like watching them do there stuff, listening to them and most of all engaging with them. Especially on airplanes where they have no where to run. I like looking at the pictures of their family, hearing their stories. You know as I sit here right now... I can't think of one uninteresting soul that I've ever talked too. I think it's so amazing that God has made everyone so individual and unique.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

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