Saturday, October 17, 2009

Old School

With some recent events in my life happening, it's caused me to reflect on my Grandpa. If you've read any of my older posts on him... you'll understand that he was patriotic, a great teacher, lover of the outdoors and especially knew how to make time for my sister and I.

Being a daughter of a single Mom... she was more than happy to drop us off at Grandpa and Grandma's every June. There on the farm we found adventure, hard work and discipline. But today I'm thinking on Grandpa's work ethic... you see he never did any business on credit and all business transactions were done with a hand shake. I especially remember one time in particular when he share chopped with a farmer named Leo Greziak. Now farming didn't come easy for Leo and he relied on other farmers land to provide for his family and livestock. So when he got behind on his debt to my Grandpa he started to avoid him. I remember one day we were up bright and early and he told me we were going to see Leo today. I already knew what it was about, because my Grandpa used our time riding in the truck to instruct my sister and I on various life subjects.

So as we were getting ready to load into the truck my Grandpa came around the back of the garage where the garden was and he had boxes full of food from the garden. He knew Leo was having a hard time and this act of kindness still sits deep in my soul. As we drove over to Leo's farm we then turned into the drive. Grandpa went to the door to find out where Leo was and sadly enough he was in the barn and wouldn't come out, he was embarrassed and thought my Grandpa was going to be disappointed in him. My Grandpa called Leo and he came out of the barn, head hanging low. It was then that Grandpa instructed me to start unloading the produce. Grandpa walked over and I joined him. I'll never forget his words, "Leo, I bought you some food for your family. I just don't want you worrying about this debt and when you're able I know you will pay me. Do what you need to do and start holding your head high." I remember Leo's face and the expression he had on it. Forgiven and encouraged. They then shook hands and we headed on home.

What ever happen to the good old days... now we have contracts and signatures and contracts for the contracts and people making money off from us just because of the contracts. I wish our society hadn't caused this. I simply miss the Good Ol Days.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Girl

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